Monday, April 16, 2018

Iris Flower Panel - post #5 - Finish!

All done! This was finished over the weekend. :)

As usual, the pictures aren't that great, so you have to pretend it's nicer than it looks. The fabric is PTP Truffle so it's a slightly pinkish light brown. The iris was converted to shades of purple (original was blue) and all threads are random stuff from my stash.

I actually feel like the bling in the top section is a little too much. Those round crystals are overkill. Just one at the top would have sufficed. Oh well, they're already on there so they're staying.

Finally, the two siblings are together! It might be hard to see, but the orchid has bicones in place of those five clear round crystals on the iris, which looks better to my eye. There's just one large clear crystal at the very top and it's the same size of the five on the iris. The large top crystal on the iris is even bigger and it looks unbalanced.

Well, I can always change things out later if I feel like it! For now, I'll enjoy the finish. :D

Next up, Beaded Dragonfly Tile. For real this time. Already made some good progress over the weekend and I'm pumped to keep going!

Monday, April 09, 2018

Iris Flower Panel - post #4

I think I finished all the over-one in this design. Someone slap me if I ever consider doing a pattern with this much over-one again. (Um, never mind all the other Chatelaines I've started... haha.)

Overall progress:
(Really close to finishing now! Just some specialty stitches and beads, I think!)

Close up of my terrible over-one stitching. I tried full crosses this time instead of tent/continental because it looks a little neater, but... eh. It's still pretty bad. Not a fan of over-one, honestly.

I wonder if I can finish this week! Lots of Jessica stitches to go and I'm bad at those too. :p

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Iris Flower Panel - post #3

Quick update! I've been stitching a little bit every day, and it's amazing how much progress I've made just by paying attention to being consistent. :)

Next step will be finishing up the iris leaves, then getting back to the over-one garden in the middle. Definitely don't want to leave that all until the end!

Monday, March 26, 2018

Iris Flower Panel - post #2

Quick update on the iris panel!

The over one in the central garden is slow going, so I'm alternating working on that and doing some of the easier parts. I completed the iris (converted to purples) on Friday and then moved on to the little onion dome at the top.

Here's a closeup of the iris:

The empty spaces are for beads. :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Iris Flower Panel - post #1

I'm on a roll with doing whatever I want this year, haha. I started yet another Chatelaine project, the Iris Flower Panel. It's a companion piece to the Cattleya Orchid Flower Panel I finished a few years ago. I decided to start this one when I ran across the kit in my 'future projects' box. Plus I've decided that irises are special to a fictional couple I enjoy writing about, so... this is for them. Haha.

I'm converting the iris at the bottom from shades of light blue to a darker purple color, because a) I like purple and b) my couple's irises are purple sooooooo...

Anyway, I started on Sunday! Here are my progress pictures for each day.


Yes, I went a little crazy today. Took a day off work and pretty much stitched all day. Let me tell you, it does wonders for your stress levels... I feel better than I have in ages!

The fabric is PTP Truffle Belfast - it's a little pinker than the photos show. Should be a really nice contrast for the purple iris. :3

Monday, March 12, 2018

Mushroom and Fern Mandala - post #4

Still going! I've tried editing the pictures to get the colors to show up correctly, but this still isn't very accurate. It's much nicer in person - the pictures are washed out and weird.

Working on finishing up the large diamond shaped border (so many eyelets aaaagh) and adding the little triangular bits sticking out at the points and sides. I'm also slowly adding the backstitched meadow around the center medallion. Very slowly...

And because I DO WHAT I WANT, I started beading the center! Again, the colors are horrible and it's much more vibrant in person.

I don't see myself putting this down any time soon, so look forward to more mushroom in the future. Hopefully I'll actually get to some mushrooms soon. :p

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

a couple of finished items!

I forgot to post a couple of little ornaments I made recently. :)

Yes, these are bad pictures as usual!

On the left is a mini mushroom pattern by Chatelaine that used to be a freebie. I think I finished the stitching last December when my wife was away on a business trip, and then I made it into an ornament last month. And on the right is the Father Winter ornament by Teresa Wentzler, which I made a long time ago and finally turned into an ornament at the same time.

Closer look at the mushroom, since I apparently forgot to post it here when it was done! The beads are random stuff from my stash, but I think all the threads are as charted.