Thursday, February 07, 2019

small finishes & finishing!

Hello again! I've been working on mini projects this month as part of my informal SAL (which is probably just me alone, but that's okay!) and doing a bit of finishing too.

I have two mini finishes for February so far. They are:

Ink Circles - Valentina
Stitched on 40ct opalescent Brandy Apple with Carrie's Raspberry silk.

Sweetheart Tree - Snowflakes in the Pines
Stitched on random fabrics. The darker one was tea-dyed.

Yes, there's two of them! I had one that just needed beads in my box of finishes, and a small start tucked in with the chart. Dunno why, but now there's two of them. I just need to get some sort of charm for the center of the second one.

Then I decided to do some finishing instead of wasting time online. :p

Hands on Design - merry.berry and kiss.a.bit
Stitched on Slate Belfast from Hand Dyed Fabrics by Stephanie.

Simple hoop finish, which is honestly challenging enough for me! I don't really have the patience to do good finishing... which seems odd because I have plenty of patience to STITCH, right? I tend to get frustrated with finishing for some reason.

Hands on Design - Dream of the Sea (pincushion)
Stitched on 32ct neutral Belfast (from the kit).

My wife assembled this for me, haha. It helps to have a built-in helper at home who doesn't mind doing the dirty work for you. :D

Friday, January 25, 2019

first finish of the year and a casual SAL!

First up, my first finish of the year. This is Harmony by Just Nan. Can't really get a good shot of the full thing, so I'll have to show it in parts!

Stitched with the kitted threads and beads on the recommended fabric. I left off the over-one birds under the bunnies in the spring panel because a) they're ugly and b) there's no need for over-one on this piece. None of the other seasons have any, so why does spring have so much of it? I did the over-one birds in the nest because it would be weird to have an empty nest in spring, but those other birds? Nah. I like it without them.

All seasons were stitched so the color variations would be symmetrical... except winter. I didn't think to do it there and I wish I had, but the kit doesn't have anywhere near enough thread for me to redo it, so it has to stay the way it is. (It's kit-exclusive thread so I can't even GET more. Boo.)


Annnnd I'd like to host a little SAL for February! February is the shortest month of the year so I thought it would be the perfect time to work on mini projects. :D

Here's a button if you'd like to use it! I don't really plan to set up a formal page or anything for link sharing but I'm happy to link to your blog in my own updates. Leave me a comment on this post with your blog URL. If there's a lot of interest (I kind of doubt it because this is really last minute!) then I'll look into getting a link widget or something for updates. :3

I have an entire bag of small projects just waiting to be done, so here's my possibilities!

I'll definitely be making the MH pinecone kit (been planning to SAL that with a friend for a while) but other than that, no definite plans. I'll see where my whims take me. :D

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

still alive in 2019!

Oops, I kind of disappeared for a while. Life got really busy with finishing up a major non-stitching project in September, and then we unexpectedly adopted a kitten. I was stitching the entire time but never got around to posting, but the new year seems like a great time to get started again!

Before I get started, I know people want to see the kitten, so here he is. He's the cute orange cat... not much of a kitten anymore! He grew up FAST. The black and white kitty is my doofy pal Loki, who has been with us since 2012! Time flies.

I had a few finishes in 2018 that I never posted here. They are:

Mill Hill - Seagull 

Mill Hill - Blue Pansy Butterfly

Hands on Design - Dream of the Sea (pincushion)

And I have a few active WIPs, two of which I think are so new I never blogged about them! They also happen to be projects that are on my bucket list, so it was great to finally get them started. Here's the mini WIP parade:

Four Seasons Birdcages - Dimensions kit
Chucked the aida, stitched on Crafty Kitten Belfast in Fairy Forest. I think...

Mushroom & Fern Mandala - Chatelaine
Finally some good progress after stalling out because my Celadon was a horrible dye lot!

Just Nan - Harmony
I kind of wish I'd taken the time to make Winter's colors symmetrical too.
Too late now, though! Even if I wanted to, there isn't enough thread to restitch it all!

Oops, there's actually one more I forgot!
Season's Change - Ship's Manor

So, that's the stitchy report. I plan to finish all three four of the showcased WIPs this year, starting with Harmony since I'm enjoying it quite a bit, despite the crunchy SNC threads. Turns out you can steam iron those a bit and they become lovely and smooth. Good to know for the future, because some Chatelaines call for them and it can be hard to find close matches in other brands.

I think my next post will be a full set of 2019 stitching plans! For now, I'll leave this with a couple of shots of the newest obsession in my house - modern board gaming. :D

Uh, yes, we really like Pandemic, how could you tell? Just finished Legacy Season 1 last night, it was GREAT!

Friday, September 07, 2018

Bleeding Heart - finished!

Another finish! No progress photos, I didn't bother taking any as I was working on this. This is Bleeding Heart by Nora Corbett with a bunch of changes. The overall look is still pretty similar to the original charting, but with tweaked colors and materials.

First up, the pictures!
She's stitched on Daybreak Belfast by Crafty Kitten.

And now, the changes!

Overall changes:
- Changed all beads except the largest one to Delicas.
- Wings were charted in regular DMC - I changed to 100% metallics.

Color changes - cross stitch:
(Changed blue areas of pants to blue-grey to tone it down a bit, removed blends.)
317 to 930
351 to 3832
587 to 932
3341 to 3833
3761 to 3753
317/597 to 931
597/3761 to 3752

Color changes - backstitch:
645 to 632 (skin, cuz who tf backstitches skin in grey)
830 to 632 (in wings)
830 to 304 (in bleeding hearts)
900 to 304 (in sash)

I was going to change the bleeding hearts to a more candy red or dark pink, but it didn't look nice, so I went back to the charted colors. Mostly. Haha. :D

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Mini Mandala Mystery 05 - finished!

I'm definitely on a Chatelaine kick this year. Lots of stitching and lots of finishes! Gotta hurry up since my wife bought me FIVE more Chatelaine charts for my birthday...

As always, the pictures are terrible but I did my best to show a bunch of different angles!

As usual, I made some small changes (beads, threads, blah) so I could use materials from my stash instead of buying anything specifically for this pattern.

I also made a few changes to the design itself. I didn't like the backstitching in the vined corners, so I replaced those with a bicone inside a beaded square. And the tiny square gardens in the corners of the specialty stitch path were a boring solid green, so I replaced them with a mini version of the central motif using Jessica stitches and beads. I think they came out really cute! Oh, and I left out a bunch of random backstitching that didn't add anything to the design.

I'll be going back to Mushroom and Fern Mandala, and maybe working on a couple of smalls by Hands on Design that I barely started if I get tired of fancy stitching. :3

Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Mini Mandala Mystery 05 and felt ornaments!

I haven't been posting recently but I've definitely been stitching! This is Mini Mandala Mystery 05 (aka MMM05) by Chatelaine. Yes, I'm really into Chatelaine this year! I picked up the chart during the recent sale and I'm already pretty close to a finish.

This is a terrible picture as usual. The fabric is Pomona by Chromatic Alchemy. :)

Not cross-stitching, but my wife and I started working on a vintage felt ornament kit (about 40 years old!) that her mom gave to us a while back. The outer package was in terrible condition so I kind of expected the contents to be gross, but it was perfect on the inside!

We made the poinsettia and pear, and they honestly look better than the cover photo. :)

And here are some detailed shots of both sides.

I made felt ornaments from a kit as a kid, and I was surprised that this vintage kit was pretty much exactly the same in terms of materials and construction techniques. I ended up getting a modern kit since we were enjoying these so much, and they're still the same even now. Well, I guess felt ornaments aren't rocket science. :p

Monday, June 11, 2018

Crab - start & finish!

Small projects are so satisfying. :)

This is Crab from Seaside Series III by JBW Designs, stitched on 30ct WDW Garnet with DMC B5200. As you can see, this fabric is noooot colorfast - I got a tiny drop of water on the left side back when I first purchased the fabric and it made a huge spot. It's a lovely fabric but I'm surprised that such a 'mainstream' dyer is selling stuff that's so easily damaged by moisture.

Anyway, cute design and a quick stitch! Next, I'm moving on to the last piece of the Dream of the Sea set by Hands on Design. Of course, I left the biggest part for last... :p