Monday, January 27, 2020

WIPocalypse 2020 - January check in

First WIPocalypse update of the year! I'm excited to be participating actively again. :)

This month's question is:
What SALs are you participating in this year?

Well... WIPocalypse, of course! :D

I'm not participating in anything else, though. I've been burned too many times by mystery SAL patterns not appealing to my tastes by the end, and I'm not active in any other "work on your own WIPs that fit a theme" groups right now. I'd like to join something else that encourages progress on existing WIPs so if anyone could point me to that sort of SAL, that would be awesome. :)


And the stitchy update!

I had one finish on Papillon d'Or by Reflets de Soie, a fully beaded piece.

I'm also getting close to a finish on my January new start, Swamp Witch by Owlforest Embroidery. There's only the border and a few little flowers inside the main part of the pattern.

Though honestly, the border is starting to feel like the main part of the pattern. There's so much stitching in the border and I'm not enjoying it very much. I might leave out the frogs in the corners to make it feel less heavy, but maybe I'll change my mind once all the cattails are in...

Still going to be stubborn and finish this before working on anything else, though! After that, I'm not sure what I'll pick up next. I guess I'll see where the mood takes me.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Papillon d'Or - Post #3 - finish!

And here we have my first finish of 2020. :)

Now that it's complete, it does look a bit more like a butterfly to me.

Closeup at an angle to capture the bead colors a little more accurately:

And this angled shot is a better look at the fabric color. It's still not quite right, but it's much closer than any other pictures I've taken.

I'll be bouncing back to the Swamp Witch by Owlforest Embroidery now. I'll probably stick with her until she's all finished, since she's more than half done by now.

And no, I didn't start Adia yet. I'm resisting! :)

Monday, January 20, 2020

Papillon d'Or - Post #2

Getting close to a finish on Papillon d'Or! I completed the large central motif during the week and did one of the side "wings" over the weekend. Just one side left!

The colors in these photos aren't that great. The fabric is a nice beige with an orange tone that looks much warmer than the pictures show. I guess the reflections off the beads messed up the camera's color correction.

This one shows the bead colors a little more accurately, but the fabric is way off. Much too light and no hint of the orange tone at all!

I'm sure my next post will be a finish on this beauty. I do plan to make it into a small zippered pouch, but I'm a little nervous about it. Time to do some research and learn how to sew. :D

Monday, January 13, 2020

Papillon d'Or - Post #1

This weekend, I took a break from Swamp Witch and picked up my fully beaded mini project, Papillon d'Or by Reflets de Soie. I made a huge amount of progress, more than doubling the size of the finished area. :)

So, over halfway done with the center portion. There's still more to the left and right of the center. Here's the cover of the kit so you can get an idea.

I'll have to find a bigger hoop or attach some felt to each side and put it in a q-snap so I can get to the parts outside of the large central motif. Well, I'll worry about that when I get there. :)

Also pulled out new fabric for Adia by Mirabilia. As expected, Enchanting Aurora from Crafty Kitten is exactly what I was hoping for. The colors are a bit more intense than this picture shows, and I think it will be a nice contrast for the creamy yellows of her dress.

I'll try to resist a new start but we all know how that tends to go. :p

Friday, January 10, 2020

Swamp Witch - Post #1

Yesterday was day six of working on this cute Swamp Witch kit by Owlforest Embroidery. She's coming along nicely, though I'm already a bit tired of the extensive border. :)

The colors are bad in this picture, but I'll get a better one next time.

Using all kit materials as charted, except I changed the dark green in the border to a slightly lighter, otherwise almost identical green from my stash. The kitted color is so dark that it's almost black, and there's very little that actually looks green from a distance. Oh, and the cattails were charted in the same green as her skirt, so I changed them to the brownish parts of the orange/brown thread.

Tuesday, January 07, 2020

WIPocalypse 2020, here I come!

I've been missing the sense of stitchy community here on Blogger (seems like everyone's using FB groups or instagram these days) so I'm joining the WIPocalypse here again. I think I was a member in the first couple of years, then drifted away from any sort of organized blogging for a long time. But I miss it, so I'm back. :D

If you want to join too, check out the info on Measi's blog!


January's topic:
Introduce yourself, your projects, and any goals you have for the year!

I'm Rahenna, just another nerdy lady with too many cats. I enjoy cooking, writing, reading, and gaming as well as stitching.

My first goal for this year is to enjoy my stitching time instead of putting pressure on myself to finish X thing by Y time. If I set strict goals for myself, I end up rebelling against them and doing absolutely nothing instead.

My other stitchy goal is no spending on stash, with the following exceptions:
- Remainder of 123Stitch gift card, and any other gift cards received throughout the year.
- 12 Days of Christmas with Crafty Kitten in December.
- Supplies absolutely necessary to finish an active project, like if I run out of an overdyed thread.


Oh boy, now the list of projects I want to make progress on. Hm. I have a bunch of WIPs and some things I want to start soon, so I'm just going to list them all here and see how it goes.

most active:
- Finery of Nature (Dimensions)
- Flight of Freedom (Dimensions)
- Mushroom & Fern Mandala (Chatelaine)
- Swamp Witch kit (Owlforest)

getting a bit stale:
- Chinese Garden Mandala (Chatelaine)
- Mini Beautiful Light (HAED)
- Night (Wentzler)
- Papillon d'Or (Reflets de Soie)
- Stardew Valley sprites
- Sugar and Cream (Nora Corbett)
- Transcendence (HAED)

future new starts:
- Adia (Mirabilia)
- Atlantis kit (Owlforest)
- Christmas Tree 2007 (Mirabilia)
- Fox kit (Riolis)
- Lilith of Labrador (Mirabilia)
- Peacock Sampler (Northern Expressions)
- Swan Lake kit (Owlforest)

You want pictures? I got pictures.



Swamp Witch by Owlforest Embroidery was my new year start. Well, I didn't start it until the 3rd but you get what I mean. This is a fun, quick stitch - yesterday was my day 3 on this project and I've already finished the entire witch.

Finery of Nature by Dimensions is an out of print and obnoxiously expensive kit. I swapped out the aida for evenweave. There are four quadrants to this piece and I've just about finished the first. There's still some backstitch and a lot of metallic thread to be added. I'm going to sub in some petite treasure braid and couch it instead of backstitching, so the metallics will be dead last.

Flight of Freedom is also a Dimensions kit, and I've subbed evenweave for the aida again. This is actually meant to be a gift for my FIL (and my wife was supposed to stitch this, ahem), which is why I'm making something that's totally not my style. I want to finish this in time to get it framed and gifted for Christmas at the very latest.

Mushroom and Fern Mandala by Chatelaine is, to put it bluntly, a chonker. I think this is the largest piece I've ever worked on, and even with my Lowery stand it's kind of a pain. It's so big that I have a hard time getting my short person t-rex arms around the q-snap to work on any parts that are away from the very edges. BUT I LOVE THIS CHONKER OKAY. Maybe I'll have to rotate it 90 degrees and hope I remember to cross my stitches the other way... :D

Ideally I'd like to finish this year because I have a huge blank wall waiting for this beast!



Air ACEO by Sara Butcher, charted by HAED. I plan to use the new Pattern Keeper app for this and my two other HAED projects, so the first step is adding the chart and marking off everything I've already completed. This is a relatively small project so I'd like to get SOME work done on it after taking the time to put it into PK.

Chinese Garden Mandala by Chatelaine. Not much of a start, which is a shame because I truly love this pattern! I plan to take out the start on the blue roof and change it to yellow, inspired by a WIP I saw on the Chatelaine Stitchers blog. Plus the real life Forbidden City has yellow roofs.

Cream & Sugar Collection by Nora Corbett has been kind of a struggle. The fabric is kind of stiff and I'm not enjoying it, plus I stubbornly wanted to make these into a bellpull (as if modern humans have a need for stuff like bellpulls) but the fabric wasn't actually long enough to fit all six, and it may be a tight squeeze to get five on here, and... yeah. It's just a lot of worrying about spacing and placement and centering and I'm like WOW maybe I should just stitch the ones I like most individually instead! Also I regret cutting this large piece of fabric into two long strips, both of which are probably going to sit in my stash forever because the shape is useless. Yay. :(

Mini Beautiful Light by Adele Sessler, charted by HAED. Barely started, but used Pattern Keeper from the very beginning, so at least it's ready to go. :D

Night by Teresa Wentzler has an interesting history. I actually started this back when I was in either high school or college, and I started in the center. My fabric wasn't quite big enough (the pattern fit but with a very small border) AND I put masking tape on the edges, which meant the part that was taped would have to be cut off. I threw away that old WIP ages ago. This is my sad little restart from a while back, this time starting in a corner of the border.

Papillon d'Or by Reflets de Soie is something I've never mentioned on this blog even once! It's a beautiful, 100% beaded project. I love beading, I just keep forgetting about this project! Not much done but it goes relatively fast since I have the beads in a nice sorted tray. :)

Stardew Valley sprites from the official cross stitch book. Honestly I'm pretty disappointed with the book - not the book itself as the quality is great, but the charted colors are awful. The colors chosen for the patterns aren't accurate at all and I've had to choose new colors multiple times already. My wife and I are both stitching random things we like, so this project doesn't really have an end point. I'd like to make these into mini fridge magnets or something. :D

Transcendence by Adele Sessler, charted by HAED. Another chart I need to load into Pattern Keeper and mark off before I can carry on. I love the colors in this one but I stopped because ??? I don't know, full coverage is annoying? Haha. I'm hoping that PK can help me get back into this one by taking out the stress of finding and pre-highlighting all the symbols for one color, hoping I didn't miss one or two that I'll have to fill in later, etc etc.



Adia the Garden Fairy by Mirabilia. I've never stitched any of the many (some might say TOO many) Mirabilia ladies with yellow dresses, so now's my chance, haha. The fabric is Snapdragon by Crafty Kitten and honestly... I don't like it. My wife thinks the red evokes the image of a flowery background but my brain works in a weird way and I just see blood. I think I'm going to swap it for something else, maybe Enchanting Aurora.

Atlantis kit by Owlforest Embroidery. Everything from Owlforest is great and I'm a total sucker for ocean themed stuff. Plus their kits are packed and presented so beautifully, it's like opening up a fancy gift. Love the colors and design of this. :D

Christmas Tree 2007 by Mirabilia, which my wife hinted has probably been in my stash since 2007. How rude, haha. I wasn't even into stitching back then! But this is definitely an oldie from my stash and I need more Christmas decor. Plus it has cute birds SO THERE. Planning to stitch on... something by Chromatic Alchemy. Pomona, maybe? Unfortunately the fabric listings have been pulled  from the CA site so there's no reference anymore.

Fox kit by Riolis. Aida swapped out for linen as per usual. I've wanted to do a Riolis kit for a long time. The wooly thread is very interesting and I can't wait to see what kind of effect it gives. Hopefully it's not hard to work with. And this fox is adorable. :D

Lilith of Labrador by Mirabilia. I'm a sucker for mermaids and this is the best one from Nora in a long time! Planning to stitch on Aether by Chromatic Alchemy.

Peacock Band Sampler by Northern Expressions Needlework. My wife got me the full kit with Fiberlicious silks and fabric for Christmas! I saw a finish of this in a FB group and my jaw dropped. I can't believe she remembered and bought me this crazy kit. It's gorgeous and I can't wait to get started on all these specialty stitches!

Swan Lake kit by Owlforest Embroidery. I told you Owlforest was great. My wife's favorite ballet (one of them, at least) is Swan Lake so when we saw this she was like BUY THAT RIGHT NOW. So I did, haha. This one has gorgeous motifs and beautiful overdyed thread colors, plus it's also beautifully presented like all their other kits. (I swear they didn't pay me to make this post, lol.)


Annnnd now you can see why I don't need ANY new stash. This doesn't even scratch the surface of what's lurking in my stash already.

If you managed to read all of that, thank you and I'm impressed with your tenacity! Haha.

Monday, January 06, 2020

Strawberry Fields Forever - finish!

I managed to squeak in a finish on December 31st. :D

I'm very pleased with the final result! All of the colors were picked out of my existing stash of overdyed threads, and it all came together to look great. A lot of random almost empty skeins got used up on the border strawberries. Perfect place to use up the last little bit of something! In the original, the border used the same color for several strawberries in a row, but I changed colors each time to make it more varied.

And some extra close up shots:


In other news, I'm rejoining the WIPocalypse for 2020! I'll have my starting post up soon. There's a lot of WIP and planned new start images to edit...