Tuesday, January 08, 2019

still alive in 2019!

Oops, I kind of disappeared for a while. Life got really busy with finishing up a major non-stitching project in September, and then we unexpectedly adopted a kitten. I was stitching the entire time but never got around to posting, but the new year seems like a great time to get started again!

Before I get started, I know people want to see the kitten, so here he is. He's the cute orange cat... not much of a kitten anymore! He grew up FAST. The black and white kitty is my doofy pal Loki, who has been with us since 2012! Time flies.

I had a few finishes in 2018 that I never posted here. They are:

Mill Hill - Seagull 

Mill Hill - Blue Pansy Butterfly

Hands on Design - Dream of the Sea (pincushion)

And I have a few active WIPs, two of which I think are so new I never blogged about them! They also happen to be projects that are on my bucket list, so it was great to finally get them started. Here's the mini WIP parade:

Four Seasons Birdcages - Dimensions kit
Chucked the aida, stitched on Crafty Kitten Belfast in Fairy Forest. I think...

Mushroom & Fern Mandala - Chatelaine
Finally some good progress after stalling out because my Celadon was a horrible dye lot!

Just Nan - Harmony
I kind of wish I'd taken the time to make Winter's colors symmetrical too.
Too late now, though! Even if I wanted to, there isn't enough thread to restitch it all!

Oops, there's actually one more I forgot!
Season's Change - Ship's Manor

So, that's the stitchy report. I plan to finish all three four of the showcased WIPs this year, starting with Harmony since I'm enjoying it quite a bit, despite the crunchy SNC threads. Turns out you can steam iron those a bit and they become lovely and smooth. Good to know for the future, because some Chatelaines call for them and it can be hard to find close matches in other brands.

I think my next post will be a full set of 2019 stitching plans! For now, I'll leave this with a couple of shots of the newest obsession in my house - modern board gaming. :D

Uh, yes, we really like Pandemic, how could you tell? Just finished Legacy Season 1 last night, it was GREAT!


  1. Happy new year to you, glad your back in the blog world. Love your mill hill finishes and great Wips too. Happy stitching!!

  2. Yay so glad you're back! I missed seeing your updates! Happy New Year!

  3. Yay, adorable cat pictures! Lovely little Mill Hills too. My husband and I are toying with getting into board games but I'm afraid it's a deep rabbit hole ahaha

    1. It's very dangerous, haha. I'd recommend finding a meetup group in your area and trying out some games before committing to buying any. Game/comic stores may have display games that are available for anyone to come and try out, too. And if all else fails, do some research (I used reddit and boardgamegeek) to learn more about some highly rated games. That's how I was able to make a pretty good guess and pick out games we'd actually enjoy before buying our very first titles. :D


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