Monday, January 08, 2018

Raven - finished!

Well, that was fast once I stopped dragging my feet!

Here's Raven by Nora Corbett, stitched on a beautiful piece of Belfast from Fiberlicious in the color California Dawn. I feel like I got lucky with the placement of colors on the fabric because I was able to put the purple areas at the top to accent the sky. :D

I made some changes to the thread colors because the original threads mixed blue-toned and red-toned purples and that's a huge nope. Mine are all blue-toned. I also replaced a couple of the beads to use random stuff from my stash.

Oh, and I also made her head bigger because it was hilariously tiny. I think it's still too small, but at least she doesn't look like an alien anymore.

DMC changes:
154 to 29
156 to 340
550 to 32
743/3078 blend to 744 (I hate one-off blends in a pattern that doesn't have any others - just pick a color that's between the two! Why does every Mira pattern have one pointless blend?)
413 to 832 (Grey backstitch for skin? NO THANK YOU)

bead changes:
02056 to 02014
10019 to 02028

Next up is Poppy, who has a much bigger skirt than you'd expect. Haha. :p


  1. wowowowowowow it's wonderful!!

  2. Beautiful! I haven't seen the "proper" version but I do like yours. I agree on the blended threads too, ok if there are a few blends but not one on its own.

  3. Love her, I have her started and I'm doing the called for. Hope to get her back out soon after seeing yours. Nice finish.

  4. She looks stunning, especially on such gorgeous fabric. Congratulations all round. :)

  5. She is very lovely, I had to go look the original up and I definitely love the changes to her head. Nice use of color as well. Stunning!

  6. Gorgeous! Congrats on the finish!

  7. Congratulations, she looks stunning!!!!!!

  8. Beautiful! Your changes and fabric choice are just fantastic!

  9. She looks gorgeous on that fabric! I started her last year. Now I must remember you made changes when I get back to her.


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