Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Poppy - finished!

Oops, I finished last week but I've been slacking on posting. Here's Poppy!

I made a few changes as usual:
- used a deep red-brown instead of DMC brown in skirt
- changed white in wings to DMC 1 (pale grey)
- changed silver metallic on hip to red metallic
- matched style of beading on top curls to bottom curls more closely

My next project is Beaded Dragonfly Tile by Chatelaine. As suspected, adding fabric to the edges so I could put it in a larger q-snap has made a huge difference! I wouldn't say I've made a ton of progress simply because it's a slow stitch, but there's definitely obvious visible progress now. I'll save that for my next post, though. :3


  1. Absolutely stunning finish! I love the deep red against the grey, it's so effective. Good luck with the Chatelaine.

  2. Congrats on a beautiful finish! And great idea with adding more fabric.

  3. She's beautiful. I hope you're very proud of her. :)

  4. Beautiful!!!
    Have fun with the Chatelaine project.

  5. Wow.....she's stunning! Your colour choices are perfect.

  6. Congrats on a beautiful finish! I think she's one of the prettiest of the flower fairies (but I'm partial to red). Your changes came out great :)

  7. Poppy is gorgeous, congrats on the finish! Can't wait to see the Chatelaine piece!!


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