Tuesday, December 05, 2017

thanks Mii & Justine & OhSewCrafty!

I posted this as an edit to my original post but I wanted to make a new post to make sure everyone could see it in their feed, haha. I want attention. :p


Hi guys! Thanks for your kind comments! I want to respond individually but for some reason I can't stay logged in on the main page of my blog, only in the admin section. I wish there was a way to respond to comments from the admin panel but it doesn't look possible. :(

Thanks for the support on Raven... I know I must seem nutty but I swear she looks different in real life. Maybe I'll change my mind after taking a break from her, though! Either way, a short time out will give me a chance to cool off and make a better decision. :)


That said, is anyone else having login issues? If I click the login link in the upper right on my main blog page, it takes me to the admin panel, but if I go back to the blog, I'm logged out immediately! Maybe I need to send in a support ticket or something. :x


  1. You're certainly getting the attention!! ;) I hope you are enjoying working on your new project. Not having any troubles, just finding the free time seems to be my problem ;)

  2. No problems for me either! Looking forward to seeing your new one ;-)


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