Friday, November 03, 2017

clean slate & new starts!

I've been feeling bogged down by old, complicated, or just plain boring WIPs recently. I'm the type of person who stresses out about "finishing what you start" and "making progress" and all that sort of self-imposed nonsense, so I've felt compelled to keep working on things that weren't very enjoyable. As a result, things had gotten to the point where I didn't feel like stitching at all.

So I decided to pack up all my old WIPs and store them out of sight until I feel a genuine urge to work on them again. The moment I made that decision, I pulled out all those projects, popped them off the qsnaps, packed them neatly into bags, and hid them away.

Instant relief. It's just a mental trick, sure, but sometimes a mental trick is exactly what you need!

Oddly enough, I think this will help with impulse buying as well. I've gotten a lot better this year, but I'll still buy the odd pretty thing because buying things is fun and exciting. But you know what else is fun and exciting? Starting a new project that I already have in my stash. I think I've been trying to find the joy of something new in buying instead of using. Buying works for a short time, then makes me feel bad about myself because I gave into temptation again. Using makes me feel good about reducing my stash, appreciating what I already have, and rediscovering forgotten gems.

So... what forgotten gems did I dig up? Check it out. :)


First up, Mini Beautiful Light by HAED. This is actually a new purchase that I picked up in the recent anniversary sale. I wanted to try a project with a limited number of colors (only 15 in this one) and see how I liked the new 32ct pregridded fabric they sell.

Small start, as you'd expect from a HAED, but it works up fast - this is only two days of stitching! I'm working the colors from light to dark, so the whole thing honestly looks kind of bad until the black goes in and ties it all together. I was really doubting some of the colors used in the thin white lines, but it looks pretty good once it's filled in.

Not sure I'd use the 32ct on a project with 90 colors, though. The fabric is very sturdy without a lot of give (I'm used to stitching on linen which has a ton of give), and there's a fair amount of confetti and carried threads in this piece even though it's only 15 colors. In short, the back is THICK with carried threads and it can be hard to get the needle up through the fabric in places with a lot of color changes. I still have a FE sized piece of this fabric but I dunno what I'll use it for now...


And next, a good start on Mermaid Verde by Nora Corbett, since one of the Mira FB groups is having a "Mervember" SAL. I'm not officially participating but thought this would be a good chance to start a project that's been waiting a long time!

I love how fast Mira patterns stitch up. All this was done last night and this morning, and I plan to stitch quite a bit more this afternoon and evening! Maybe I'll get her entire tail done this weekend if I don't have other stuff to do. :)


  1. When you have something else you want to stitch on 32 ct, try using only one thread. Stills looks good (to me) and easier than trying to wangle two strands of anything.
    Enjoy the "new" stitching.


    1. I stitch basketweave/tent on full coverage pieces, so a single thread is not an option. This fabric is probably a better choice for someone who prefers to stitch 1x1 full cross instead.

  2. Great start on the HAED! It should keep you entertained for a while. I know mine does :) Have fun and enjoy your little crosses.

  3. Two beautiful projects. What a change in colours beteeen them though. Does the mira have more thread colours than your haed?

  4. Oooh....what a great designs! They should keep you busy for a while :)

  5. Nice starts! And yes, stitching is supposed to be fun, just do what screams at you - doing it this why is why I've started stitching on something I haven't touched in 10 years ;)

  6. Two gorgeous new starts! I love your mind trick. I always feel guilty about all the things I've started but not finished (only 9 cross stitches and 2 blankets so it could be worse!) You're so right, it is a hobby and meant to be fun!

  7. Guilt-free stitching is what it's all about! The Mermaid is gorgeous, every time I stitch a Nora I think "why do I ever stitch any other designer?"


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