Friday, September 29, 2017

Renaissance Mermaid - update #6

Suddenly I'm very motivated to get this over one skin finished! Not sure why, maybe because my wife is traveling for work and I'm home alone for two weeks. *kicks a rock* We've been gaming in the evenings recently so stitching took a backseat, but since I'm alone, I pop on a let's play and go nuts with stitching.

Here's a current progress shot!

When I look at her in real life, I feel like there's soooo much left to stitch. But really, it's just her arms, and I've already gotten a good start on both.

I'm pretty sure I'll just keep going until I finish. :3


  1. She is gorgeous!! But what insanity it is to stitch a Mermaid's skin over one, they have so much. It does look incredible though.

    1. It really is THE WORST IDEA. And I never learn either, I think I've done over one skin on all but one of my Mira mermaids...

      Then again, I finished the rest of her skin today so it couldn't have been too bad. It's easy to stitch all day when you're alone with absolutely nothing else to do... :p

  2. She looks absolutely stunning! Definitely worth all the effort.


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