Friday, August 11, 2017

Renaissance Mermaid - update #5

This is such a bad idea.

This is... what, not even 20% of her skin? Am I ever going to finish? Seriously tempted to work on something else for a bit to give my eyes/hands/soul a break, but the time I spend on other projects is time not spent on this one, which will make it take even longer to finish.

It'll be worth it in the end. That's what I'm telling myself.

Now if only I actually framed and displayed my stuff, then it would be really worth it! I've been saving up but haven't pulled the trigger on buying frames yet. Mainly because my wife and I do the framing ourselves to save a ton of money, and doing it right is tedious. Like over one skin. :p


  1. She's beautiful - it will be worth it! You definitely need to get your gorgeous finishes framed though. Imagine how fantastic your home would be with all those mermaids on display!

  2. I always have 3-4 WIPs that I rotate depending on my mood and how tired I am.

  3. It will definitely be worth it!! Your mermaid looks gorgeous :)

  4. She is gorgeous! Can't wait to see her finished!!

  5. Yes, it will definitely be worth it, hang in there!
    Sometimes taking a break helps me, even though it takes a little longer.

  6. She does look gorgeous though!
    Have you thought about Tracy J's idea of storing her unframed finished in artist portfolios? So you can look through them like a book?


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