Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Renaissance Mermaid - update #1

*sniiiiiiff* Mm, I love the smell of a new project!

Got a pretty good start on the new Mirabilia, Renaissance Mermaid, though there were some troubles along the way. The blue kreinik in her tail has been stitched three times in some places. First I had dye lot issues with two spools of kreinik (same number, just... not matching), so I got some petite treasure braid in a nearly identical color. Well, that color was too similar to my fabric so it looked like nothing was stitched there at all!

So then I said eff it and put in a completely different color that I had on hand. Except those two partial spools only had about two lengths each! So I'm stuck again. *waves the white flag* Okay, mermaid, you win. For now...

Despite that, I've managed to do a bunch!

Unfortunately... yet another thread problem! The Waterlilies color (041 Blueberry) doesn't look a thing like the model photo. I don't think there's an issue with the dyelot, but with how the colors were adjusted on the model to look more vibrant. Like so:

In the model pic, the dark blue in the fin is BLUE with a good amount of variation. Blueberry is more purple than blue and there's barely any variation in the color. I want a color that matches this picture of the model! But of course, despite having a big tub of specialty threads, there's nothing suitable in there. Whyyyyyyy :x

Looks like I'm heading to the LNS again this weekend for more kreinik and to try and find a color for the fin that isn't going to make me explode in rage. I can deal with the purple-blue of Blueberry in her body (the blue stripe in the tail) but not the fin. Thankfully, the other mermaid that uses this thread actually shows it as purplish in the model photo, so I don't feel completely duped... :(

(Despite all this, I'm loving working on a Mira again! So easy and fun!)


  1. Oh, the colours are gorgeous! Sorry to hear you had so much trouble with your threads. Enjoy the trip to the LNS :)

  2. Oh Bless You and I thought it was only me that experienced these kind of problems when stitching...your work still looks beautiful and I'm looking forward to keeping up with your progress. x

  3. Oh dear! But ... what a good excuse to pop to your LNS!!! Be good and stick to the threads (says me!). Of course, I'm joking :) Go mad!!! She looks stunning though and I hope you find a right "blue" for the fin.

    1. I'll definitely be good, I was just at the LNS last weekend to pick up threads! If only I'd taken a good look at the Blueberry before buying it... sigh. :)

  4. I think she looks perfect just as she is but then I haven't seen the model, and it's a good excuse for a trip to your LNS!

  5. Hopefully you can find what you need at your LNS. She looks lovely so far :)

    Have a great weekend!!

  6. How frustrating that must be! I had not heard of Kreinik having dyelot issues, that's something to watch out for!
    I am sure she will look stunning once you have sorted out the colour issues.


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