Thursday, June 08, 2017

Coffee Quaker - update #3

Once again, no posting, but I've been stitching! I've finished most of the bottom part of Coffee Quaker, except for the basket motif in the lower left, which his my next mini goal.

Looking really good for a finish this month!

I might stray for a little while, though. I joined the new HAED group on FB and I've been enjoying all the progress photos so much that I want to work on one of mine again. Not sure if anyone remembers, but back in March 2013 (eep), I started one titled Air ACEO by Sara Butcher.

Here's my oooooold progress photo and a sample of the original artwork:

I like her because she reminds me of Princess Serenity from Sailor Moon. :)

This is the full width of the design. It's actually quite small for a HAED, just four pages total if I remember correctly. I'm doing tent/continental stitch, two strands over one square on 25ct magic guide fabric. I'm not a big fan of the 25ct but back then that was the smallest available. It looks like there's now 28ct pregridded white fabric, so that might be a future option! Well, assuming I do any of the other charts I have... let's not forget about Transcendence. :3

Well, I'll finish up that basket motif on Coffee Quaker before I work on anything else. I really do want to get it finished this month!


  1. Love your stitching so much ..
    Happy hugs x

  2. Great progress as always! Have fun stitching on the Haed.

  3. Your making great progress.....hopefully a finish soon! :)

  4. Great work on the Quaker, love the coffee colours.
    That is a tiny HAED, isn't it? Still got lots of detail though!

  5. Great work on both and love that HAED!

  6. Great progress on the Quaker design :)

    I totally agree! She does look like Serenity.

    Good luck on both projects!! Have a great week!!!


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