Friday, May 26, 2017

Light 1 - Update #4 - finished! (and more fabric!)

Ta-daaaa! Nice and wrinkly with hoop marks, but here it is. :)

It looks ridiculously good in real life, though this image is a pretty good representation of the true colors, thanks to my trusty scanner! At first I was a bit unsure about the heavy backstitching, but now that it's done, it looks amazing.


Mindful stitching update!

And as for the fabric problem... well, that's still in progress. First, I pulled out the charts I had already chosen fabric for and actually paired them up, so I won't accidentally use the fabric for something else without realizing it...

I think I need to start stitching faster...

Well, that's a great start and it's exciting to see the variety and to start looking forward to all the fun projects I'll have in the future. There's still a lot more to sort through and make decisions on, though...

not pictured: several more piles *facepalm*

So clearly there's enough fabric here for the rest of forever. Seeing it all in one place is honestly pretty embarrassing, especially since it doesn't seem like too much when it's all packed into the storage tub. I mean, it's just one tub, how bad can it be? Sigh. Really bad.

When the fabric stash is so big that it's exhausting just to sort it all out, and it takes days to go through and make decisions about what to do with them... yeah. That's excessive, to the point of being gross. This really hammers home the fact that I DO NOT NEED MORE FABRIC. Unless a pattern calls for a specific fabric and I honestly don't have anything suitable, I can't waste more money, time, or energy on this stuff.

And by anything suitable, I mean things like "must be stitched on xx count to fit on the included pattern template pieces" or "replacing kit aida with solid colored linen" - NOT nonsense like "well this would look pretty if I had this exact fabric from this exact dyer." Protip, Rahenna: you have enough of a variety to choose from and no matter what you pick, it will look good. So deal with it.

Maybe next time I'll have finished the purge and can show what didn't make the cut!


  1. I feel that same way with my yarn stash. I really need to get in and sort through it all and figure out how much yardage I have in my unbanded balls.

    Will you be linking to any fabric you may be selling?

    1. Urgh, don't even get me started on Marfisa's yarn stash, haha.

      Sure, I can make a page or post showing the fabrics for sale! I didn't plan to originally because I didn't want to annoy anyone with that, but since I've had two requests, I guess it's not a bad idea! :)

  2. That was my question. Will you be offering your purged fabrics for sale? Love your light; the colors are gorgeous!

    1. Hi! I wasn't going to because I thought that might seem kind of annoying, buuuut it sounds like there's a little bit of interest, so I'll give it a try! I think I'll make a page on here so anyone who reads my blog can get the first shot at stuff :)

  3. Love your finish! The backstitching brings it to life :)

    Congrats on sorting out your fabrics. I hope you get a lot of people to buy your remaining fabrics :)

  4. Love your finish
    So beautiful x

  5. Your finish is gorgeous! I love how the backstitching brought out the little details and variation in colour. Good luck finishing sorting out your fabric and getting rid of some of it.

  6. Light looks amazing, it's such a different style to so many other designs around.
    I'd love to see a page of your fabric for sale but I fear the postage to the UK is prohibitive now. It's gone up such a lot since we did our RRs a few years ago.

  7. Congratulations on your finish; it looks fantastic and is such a unique design. The backstitching must have been horrendous, but so worthwhile. It really does look amazing.
    As for your fabric, I'm drooling just looking at the pictures! But well done on taking the plunge and sorting through it all. It's another huge step forward in your positive outlook this year. :)


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