Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Light 1 - Update #3 (and fabric addiction!)

I keep forgetting to post, but I'm not forgetting to stitch! I've completed almost all of the cross stitching on the lantern and I've started backstitching at the bottom. Unfortunately, the hoop isn't quite big enough for me to finish the top, so I'll do all the backstitching I can reach, then move the hoop and finish up as quickly as possible so the stitches at the bottom don't get too squished!

I was a bit worried about the backstitching - as you can see, some of the black is thicker than the rest. The pattern calls for either one or two strands of DMC to create the effect, but my thick thread is just one strand! Fortunately I found some very thin sewing threads tucked away in the bottom of the sewing basket, so I'm using those for the thin black and white highlights. I'm really pleased with how the different thicknesses of threads look on this pattern. :)


mindful stitching thoughts!

I bet you thought I forgot about this, didn't you? :p

I was putting away yet another piece of fabric and realized that my fabric stash is completely out of hand. My fabric is stored in one of those underbed storage containers - it has to be like 20 x 45 inches in size and about 6 inches deep. And it's FULL. I mean, I could fit more fabric in there without a problem, but let's be real... it's full.

There's over 25 yards of hand dyed Belfast in here. Twenty-five!! No one needs that much! And that's not even counting the plain fabrics, of which I have (comparatively) little. Looking back on my list of finishes, I'd say I get through about two yards of fabric in a good year - and that's assuming I pull all of the fabric from my stash, which isn't always the case.

Which means I have about 15-20 years worth of fabric in here. Argggggggh.

Okay, breathe. There is hope. I know there's some stuff in here I won't use, like 28ct evenweaves and weird colors I impulse bought because they were on clearance. And there's definitely duplicates - not exact ones, but I'm pretty sure I have about 395793579235 blue fabrics. I know I need to go through these and be honest with myself about what I won't use (even if it's gorgeous) and let them go.

But the most important step is to stop bringing fabric in! I tend to make a large Crafty Kitten order every year around my birthday, but I need to pass this year. Actually, a lot of this craziness happened because the exchange rate has been really favorable in the past few years and I thought it was a good opportunity to stock up. Someone slap me.

Also, no, you can't start hoarding 40ct linen just because you like it. USE WHAT YOU HAVE.

I think my next update will include pics of what I purged from my stash. :p


  1. Beautiful work on the lantern! That is an impressive fabric stash. I've been doing fairly well at trying to use up what I get in my FOTM club with Chromatic Alchemy, but I'm sure I have a good few years of fabric in mine as well. That being said, keep us in mind when you destash. :D

  2. What beautiful progress on the lantern! The colours are all so pretty. Clever use of the threads too for the backstitch.
    I thought I had a lot of fabric in my stash but by reading your post, I think I still have a long way to go to catch up with you :)
    I find I have bought a lot because I initially liked the shades but now notice I prefer stitching on evenweave rather than Aida... Does that mean I need to buy more fabric? I'll have to be good and go through what I have. Good luck with the destashing. Be ruthless, but not too much, we never know ;)

  3. Wow love your stitching..it's so pretty
    And I love the fabric so much ..awesome beautiful
    Big hugs and love x

  4. Great progress on the lantern design....the colours really pop with the back stitching! I love your fabric stash.....it's too easy to just buy, especially when it's on clearance :)

  5. The backstitching really brings out the colours in the design.
    I am so envious of your fabric stash! Apart from gifts I only buy hand-dyed if I have a specific project for it. Even with birthday money it's still a luxury item! A nice treat though.

  6. ~slap slap~ Is that enough slaps? Lol Despite your stash, at least you have a plan to limit your stash and process what you want/don't want. That's a step in the right direction.

    I am loving your lantern design. The backstitching really sets it off.

    Happy stitching!

  7. The backstitching looks great with the two different thread thicknesses. The piece will look gorgeous when it is finished. Good luck with de-stashing and then limiting new purchase of stash. It can be so easy to just buy a couple here and there and then suddenly you have a huge tub and no way to use it all. Plus you want to be able to pick out new fabric sometimes too. Maybe getting rid of it all and just buying a piece for a project will reset the buildup.

    Let us know if you want sympathy, support or slaps.


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