Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Coffee Quaker - update #2 (and goals!)

After finishing the crystal lantern, I pulled out Coffee Quaker and gave it some love. Or some like, anyway. I have to say, I'm not really enjoying this project and I'm not sure why. A few of the threads are giving me serious tangling issues - so much that I've even tried thread heaven, which I hate - but nothing is making a difference. I swear, some dyes must be "sticky" in some way that causes thread to catch on itself much more than normal...

Maybe I'm just not used to the 32ct fabric right now, after working so intensely on the 40ct? This looks massive and clunky to me. Ironically, the recommended fabric is 40ct, haha. Whoops.

Or maybe it's the lettering. I generally don't like stitching anything with text on it. Plus this was kind of an impulse purchase and start due to all the hype about this design. I mean, I totally agree with the sentiment and I've enjoyed stitching Quaker style designs recently, so this should be perfect for me! I can't understand why I'm not enjoying it.

Oh well... I'll keep plugging away, though. Aiming for one small motif a day as a mini goal, which seems quite reasonable. :3


And let's start up goals again in June. :D

- finish Coffee Quaker
- NO stash shopping
- sort/photograph/post fabrics for sale (yes, I'll post them here first!)
- choose pattern & start exchange project :3

That should be good for now...


  1. Isn't it funny how sometimes we just don't connect with a project. Your Coffee Quaker looks beautiful and I did see by your June goals you are determined to finish it.

    1. It is! There's no reason why I shouldn't be loving this project. Maybe I just need to get used to 32ct again. :)

  2. It looks great! I hope you will keep up with your stitching, as I am sure you can finish this one too. But I understand how you must feel. I think all stitchers have felt like this with at least one of their various projects.

    1. Thanks! I'll definitely keep working on it, it's a relatively easy stitch (except for the tangly threads!) and I do like the IDEA of it. Maybe it'll grow on me as I work on it more. :)

  3. Good luck getting into your coffee quaker, maybe when more of the design is in you will enjoy it more. Have fun with your June goals, are you participating in a round robin?

    1. I hope working on it more will do the trick! I'm actually taking part in a Christmas in July exchange, so I'll be stitching a small ornament or something similar, but I won't be able to show it until after the exchange is complete. :)

  4. Well, at least you are getting through the Quaker design. Maybe you'll like it once it is complete.

    I don't buy hype patterns unless I really, really love the design and pattern.

    Your eyesight must be amazing to work on 40ct. I usually work on 32ct. I find that the higher counts are too small for me to try and stitch.

    Have a good weekend. Remember to take a break from your fabric photos so you don't get overwhelmed.

  5. I think it's a lovely design but in some ways the hype put me off! I like the colours you're using too.


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