Monday, May 08, 2017

a finish and a start!

First up, my finish of the Beautiful Sea Quaker SAL by Ship's Manor! The image is cut off a bit because I decided to scan this after my phone camera took a horrible picture. This scan is much more accurate to the true colors of the threads and fabric.

I really enjoyed this project despite the problem with the kit being short the border thread and I'm looking forward to the seasonal SAL that Ship's Manor is putting together right now. :3

I discovered a designer named Алисы Окнеас (Alisa Okneas) after someone made a post on Facebook showing off a finish of one of the mushroom designs shown below. Someone else posted a link to a Russian stitching site called My Bobbin, and I immediately snagged the eight designs shown below! They're all PDF charts so no worries about shipping, plus they take Paypal. :)

The site's all in Russian but if you're using Chrome, just right click and choose "translate" and the machine translation is good enough to do a bit of shopping! The only tricky bit is that you check out without paying, then you have to wait a few minutes for an email requesting payment. Follow the link in the email and check out with Paypal, and you'll get another email with download links. It's really simple, there's just a few steps to the process.

And of course, I had to start one of my new pretties right away. This is the second design in the top row, Фонарик 1 (Light 1). I'm stitching on 40ct linen because I'm crazy. And also because this will allow me to fit two of these designs on a fat eighth. I'm getting kind of addicted to tiny fabric...

And oops, I just realized that I completely ignored all of my goals last month. I'm not especially interested in setting new ones for this month either! I just want to enjoy my stitching without feeling pressured to do anything specific, so I'll make May a goal-free month. :p


  1. Wow I love your finish so much and the new start is super sweet
    Hugs and smiles x

  2. Goals and plans can be helpful, but stitching what makes you happy is so much more important! Love your finish; the fabric couldn't be a better choice. And your new patterns are gorgeous!

  3. Hurray for goal-free months! I love your new stash, such unusual and beautiful designs. Congrats on your gorgeous finish too!

  4. The Beautiful Sea border does look like it might take more than one skein of thread. It turned out lovely, great colors. And you are very brave ordering off of a website that had to be translated, I worry about buying PDF charts from English sites (more due to my limited tech skills than anything else!)

  5. Congrats on your beautiful sampler finish, I just love it!!!
    Fantastic new stash!!!! No wonder you had to start one of them already. Looks so promising. I like the third one on the bottom row, actually they all look fantastic, I can't make my mind up. Good of you for getting them all :)

  6. Your finish looks wonderful! Your new charts look amazing too.....enjoy stitching them all!

  7. The new charts are beautiful. Definitely added to the wishlist. Have fun stitching them!

  8. I saw these on Facebook too! I do think the site should show stitched examples as it's difficult to tell how nice they look stitched up from the drawings.

  9. Beautiful Sea Sal is amazing. So pretty. thank you for sharing the link, I finding new places to shop


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