Tuesday, April 11, 2017

a ton of projects!

Whoops, long time no post. I've pretty much chucked my goals out the window in favor of doing what makes me happy, so there's a couple of new projects in here. :)

First up, WIPs:

Yes, this is a terrible photo of the Beautiful Sea Quaker SAL by Ship's Manor. I'm working on the lower left corner and trying to be zen about the fact that my second skein of the blue (ordered later) is wildly different from the rest of the border. Looking back at progress photos in the FB group, it seems like the current skein is correct for this color and my initial one was really dull. I have a third skein as well so I could redo the entire border if I wanted to, but... no one wants to redo that much. Ugh.

Next up, Cirque des Carreaux! I reached the corner of the design and will be working down pages one and two once I pick this one up again.

Now, new starts because I DO WHAT I WANT:

The very popular Coffee Quaker by Heartstring Samplery! This was the first Belfast project I worked on after getting used to the 40ct on Cirque and whooooa, 32ct seems HUGE now. I feel like I'm stitching on the large print edition of something, haha. Also amazed at how quickly thread gets eaten up when stitching with two strands.

Honestly not really feeling this one. Maybe it's the shock of the fabric count change or something. Or maybe it's all the brown, heh.

I also started Fibery Friends Sampler by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery! This is even huger, 28ct and evenweave to boot (I'm a linen girl through and through, but this color worked really well and it was in my stash so yeah), so it's a bit of a challenge. I haven't really worked on this since starting it, but I'll probably pick it up again once I catch up on the Beautiful Sea SAL.

Making this for my wife the obsessive knitter, obviously. :p

Oh, one more little (ha) project - winding up a full set of DMC floss:

About halfway done! This is one side of a double-sided box that's big enough to hold the entire set of solid colors, plus a bit extra. Maybe I can fit the nice variegated DMC in here too...

Hmm, I feel like I haven't been stitching much but I guess I have! Alas, that won't continue because:

RIP all my free time FOREVER.


  1. New games will do that. :) Great stitching on everything, and definitely important to stitch what makes you happy. I've had that issue with hand-dyed as well. Fortunately I had enough to stitch with one strand of one lot and another from the other lot once I realized, and then hopefully it will just look like that's how the colour is. Frustrating, but definitely not worth frogging all that border.

    1. Sadly I can't try that trick because the original thread is all used up. I wish I'd gone with my gut and held off until I got the new one, but I thought it was just everyone else in the group having a better camera than me or something. Sigh. I know I won't end up redoing it, so I'll have to live with how it comes out.

      The part that's a real shame is that this wouldn't have happened if the thread pack had the proper amount of skeins in it, instead of just one of each color. There's no way anyone stitching with two strands of thread (instead of just one on say, 40ct fabric) can complete this project with one skein. So why does the thread pack for this SAL only include one? It makes no sense. :(

  2. How annoying! It looks beautiful though. I hadn't seen the Coffee Quaker before - what a fun design!

    1. My thoughts exactly - annoying but beautiful. I'm just going to leave it the way it is, unless it's really bothering me when I finish. The Coffee Quaker is adorable, there's a big SAL group for it on facebook if you want to peek in and see what others are doing with it! (I like to read FB groups but not participate, haha.)

  3. That is so annoying! But is a recurring issue with overdyed threads. I don't blame you for not re-doing the whole border.. would feel like a never ending project!
    Stitching on what makes you happy is the most important thing, so what if it's a new start? Some have over 200 WIPS (not me by the way), I'm sure you're not as bad ;)
    Enjoy the new game... but come back to us with some stitching, eventually!

    1. Definitely annoying! I wish the thread pack had contained TWO skeins of the same dye lot instead of just one. This wouldn't have happened if the thread pack had the proper amount of materials. :(

      Oh man, the thought of 200 WIPs makes my chest hurt, haha! My two new projects brings me up to ten total, and I swore I'd never get into the double digits again... guess I need to hurry up and finish a few things.

      I'm lucky, I can stitch during the day, so this blog probably won't totally die. But 100% of evening time is now game time... :3

  4. Arghhhh.....the difference in the thread must be a nightmare.....hope you can get it to where you are happy with it. Your threads look great all organized and boxed....a job well done!

  5. All your projects look great! Sad about the thread....you think they would include extra skeins!!

    I'm not a coffee drinking, but that sampler looks cute :)

    Oh, no....falling into the video game trap! Lol If you are like my sister, you'll be lost to the world for a while :)

    That box sounds amazing. Right now I have three boxes of organized threads. It would be more convenient to have just one box like yours!!

    Have a great rest of the week :)

  6. wow i love all your projects..so pretty.
    happy stitches x

  7. Did they send the second skein for free if the kit was short? Surely that's the whole point of paying for a kit - so dyelots match?
    Anyway, it's a lovely design.
    I really like the Coffee Quaker design but the world and her wife are stitching that one so I'm resisting LOL I do like the mugs though...

  8. Too bad about the skein issues, hopefully it ends up looking like dark sea on the bottom and like sea on the top. The Cirque des Carreaux looks awesome in that colour. Have fun with the new game!


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