Wednesday, March 29, 2017

March & April goals

The end of the month is here already, so it's time for another goals post!

March goals were:

- blog about progress once a week - missed one week as expected (family stuff)
- no craft (or nail polish) spending! - slipped in both areas, sigh
- finish Waterlily - YES!
- keep up with Beautiful Sea Quaker SAL - almost, except for the latest part

April goals are:

- blog about progress once a week
- finish Cirque des Carreaux
- keep up with Beautiful Sea Quaker SAL
- any craft spending must be covered by personal sales
- keep polish spending to FF only

other thoughts:

I don't normally write about personal junk here but I'm grumpy today soooooo...

I had a long rant with details all typed out, but I realized no one wants to read that sort of thing. The tl;dr version is that my little family has been hit with about $28k of extra expenses in the past nine months, and we're facing either $5k or $9k more next month to replace our hail-damaged roof.

The good news is, we've replaced every damn thing on this house recently so after this, there's no other expensive things left to break. Unless the walls spontaneously fall down or something. :x

The bad news is, I'm finding it hard to give a s*** about spending $20 here and there on random things because lol what is twenty bucks compared to over $30k?

I'll do my best to keep the "eff it" attitude in check, but it's hard to stay positive right now. Loosening up the spending goals a bit next month for sure... I don't need an artificial sense of failure on top of all this other mess. :(


  1. Good luck on your April goals, definitely it is hard when the price magnitude is so different.

  2. Ouch....I can understand the attitude because yes, $20 is minuscule compared to the rest of it.

    Hopefully major spending is behind you!!

    Good luck with your stitching and goals next month. Take time to relax!

  3. Good luck with your plans for next month.
    Oh dear, sorry to read about the very dear expenses. I can understand a little $20 here & there could be required for cheering up purposes ;)

  4. I believe if you are good with your choices - that is the most important thing. Fingers crossed for good days to come


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