Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Summer Quakers - update #9

Time for another update! Not the greatest picture since part of the completed design is covered up, but you get the general idea. :3

I have to say, the Lowery continues to impress with the ease of use and added stitching speed. I'm very pleased with it and wish I'd tried it out sooner! I've tried other cheap wooden stands that you can get at various craft stores and hated those, so I wasn't too keen on spending money on another stand, but this is exactly what I wanted all along. Should last a lifetime, too! :)


Mindful stitching thoughts ahead! :)

A common strategy for avoiding temptation (and thus, shopping) is to unsubscribe from newsletters and avoid looking at online shops. There's even browser extensions you can install to block yourself from viewing offending websites! I like these strategies, but I also disagree with them a bit. For me personally, these strategies are great in the short term, but in the long term, I want to develop that resistance muscle so I can safely browse without giving in to temptation.

So even though I just started my no-buy, I still look at online shops! (I don't subscribe to newsletters, though, simply because I don't like receiving ANY unnecessary emails.) I'm training myself to look a bit, maybe make use of the wishlist function, and then leave. I haven't been tempted yet, but if I am, I'll go look at my existing stash of goodies to squash that feeling.

And on an unrelated note, I'm enjoying stitching on only one project at a time. The amount of progress is amazing and it feels great to see visible progress after every stitching session. I tend to bounce between projects whenever I feel like it, but I dunno, seeing massive progess like this is pretty awesome and I might just stick with it for my next few projects...


  1. Love the growth of this project. The colours and motifs are awesome. I like your mindful stitching thoughts.

  2. Great beautiful update as always!!
    Glad you're still resisting the temptation.
    I agree, I'm currently focusing on a big-ish piece and am so motivated to finish it because I can see it coming along nicely :)

  3. this was a great read, and I totally agree with you. The thrill of being tempted, but saying No is what drives me to success. It is empowering for me. Your Stitching is looking beautiful too. I am hoping for me I am able to focus on many of my long standing WIPs and get them finished in 2017

  4. That new stand is really helping!
    I admire your new self control. What works for me is to look at the new temptation and see what I already have that I could adapt or stitch instead. For example, I am very tempted by the Birthstone Dragons SAL. But I have several Dragon Dreams series which would work just as well if I want to stitch 12 monthly dragons!

  5. It's looking good! Glad you found a stand you like.

    I admire your self control.

    I'very always been a one at a time stitcher unless it's a large design that I need a break from :)

    Have a great weekend!

  6. More lovely progress :). I may have to get a stand too my current cheap one is not holding up well


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