Thursday, February 02, 2017

Summer Quakers - update #7 (and goals!)

Another quick update on Summer Quakers. Not a whole lot done this time, but I've been kind of sick for a couple of days so I haven't done much of anything. But I did manage to reach the other corner, so this is the full width of the project now!

I'm hoping for some better/faster progress in the future, thanks to my new little buddy that allows two-handed stitching 100% of the time!

Yes, my Lowery stand finally arrived, after a two month wait and multiple emails (and finally an international call) to Sew and So's customer service. I've always heard good things about them so I was really pissed about my emails being ignored. It seems like the issue was with a single person not doing their job, but... dude, keep tabs on the people who work for you! I shouldn't have to deal with the FB/email runaround for a month, eventually getting so fed up that I have to sneakily use my wife's work computer to place an international call!

Awful customer service experience aside, I'm very pleased with the stand so far. I can position my stitching exactly the way I like, which is RIGHT UP IN MY FACE. I'll have a more detailed review once I get a little more time to use it!


And now, the goals... haha.

January goals:
- blog about progress once a week - YES
- stay within stitch from stash budget (which is $0 for me haha) - lol no
- stitch a little every day :3 - YES

Two out of three isn't THAT bad...

February goals:
- blog about progress once a week
- no craft (or nail polish) spending!
- finish Summer Quakers
- pick up Beaded Dragonfly Tile again


  1. Another successful update and hooray for the frame! I am glad you finally have it.
    Now, good luck with your goals and remember...... no stashing ;)

  2. So glad it finally made it and 2 handed stitching is so awesome!

  3. The stand looks great! It's a bit late now but I'd be happy to chase any U.K. based suppliers for you. I got a Millennium frame sent out with just two phone calls last year and you know how bad they are!

  4. Great progress I'm glad you got your stand! This isn't the first bad thing I've heard about sewandso recently. I hope your goals are going well!


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