Thursday, January 26, 2017

Summer Quakers - update #5 (and post #500!)

Time flies when you're... well, I don't know what I've been doing, honestly. Here's the latest update on Summer Quakers!

Only a partial photo this time, since the qsnap has been moved to allow work on the entire bottom area of the design. I haven't completed as much as I'd hoped this week, but weekend stitching time got eaten up by watching figure skating. Worth it. :3

Not much else to report, except that I've decided not to continue with Stitch from Stash. I like the concept but I'd like to see something that's more like the makeuprehab subreddit, a harsher look at the underlying shopping addiction and emotional/mental factors that drive it. I'll stay in the group and enjoy the progress and finish photos, but I won't be reporting anything.

I want to bounce back to the idea of "mindful stitching" I posted about last year and talk about that in future posts. It won't be a joinable thing, just me rambling a bit about my own overspending and bad habits, not just with stitching stash, but nail polish and other things I collect. Don't worry, though, I'll always put those thoughts at the bottom of a post and separate it with a divider of some sort so you can skip my rambling if you like. :3


And somehow this is post #500 in this blog! I never imagined I'd keep it up for so long! :)


  1. I look forward to your "ramblings" as I'm sure there are others of us who will agree with you completely. Summer Quaker is looking great. Love those colors! Thanks for sharing 500 times!

    1. Thank you so much for reading my blog for so long! :)

      I look forward to rambling a little... I enjoy stashing a bit too much and sometimes I want to let out my feelings about that. I do the same with other hobbies (and it's been going on for 20+ years) so I know it's a bigger issue for me. Maybe I inherited a bit of my mom's tendency to hoard - at one point, she had a room full of boxes of random stuff stacked all the way to the ceiling! Or maybe I'm just addicted to the rush of getting something shiny and new...

  2. Definitely look forward to your rambling and I agree about looking at the underlying issue. Lovely Summer Quaker piece. Good luck on your next 500.

  3. Your stitching is lovely. There was a really interesting article I read about spending instead of doing. It definitely spoke to me personally. I think I shared it on my blog Facebook page if you're interested.

  4. Beautiful work on the Quaker piece. I really enjoy the colour palette.
    Looking forward to your rambling :) Before creating my blog, I had no idea what "stash" meant!! Now, like so many stitchers around, I have been spending a bit too much and seem to have a never ending stash of charts & fabrics :) I have decided though to focus on those WIPs and stash this year, just so that I feel a bit better about myself ;) Congrats on the 500 post and here's to many more.

  5. Congrats on 500! Lovely progress :)


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