Sunday, December 18, 2016

Etude aux Fraises - update #6 & Sakaki - update #1

Whoops, another week has flown by! Here's my update on Etude aux Fraises:

As you can see, it's gotten big enough that I had to move the qsnap to cover part of the design in order to get access to the rest of the fabric. All that's left now are two leaves at the top, some text, and backstitching all over the project. Hopefully I can manage by the end of the year, but it might be a bit of a push because...

I started a new knitting project! I generally don't knit a lot - I know how to do it, I just don't enjoy it very much - but this is a project I've wanted to start for a while. The pattern is Sakaki by Romi Hill, and I'll be tracking it on my Ravelry page.

Long story short, this is a charity pattern, I had a lovely yarn that's about the same color as actual sakaki leaves, and Romi is my wife's favorite knit designer ever. But... Sakaki is also the last name of my favorite fictional character of all time (of all time!), and I've spent an embarrassing amount of time obsessing over him. So. There was no escaping this project. ♥

It's a simple pattern and I've managed to finish one chart repeat per day since starting, but I don't know if I can maintain that pace if I want to finish Etude.

Well, time to shut up and go stitch. :p

PS: I almost forgot! If anyone has a fitbit and wants to add me as a friend, feel free! :D


  1. Strawberries looks great and certainly seems like you were meant to knit that one!

  2. Beautiful work on the strawberries.

  3. Love your Strawberries, I do like to knit now and again, this project seems as if it was a MUST DO!!. I hope to have a FitBit (replacement needed) by the New Year. Would love to add you

  4. Beautiful job on both pieces :)


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