Friday, November 04, 2016

small progress post! :)

Not a huge amount of progress to share today, but since I've committed to posting at least once a week, I want to keep to that promise. :)

I'm more than halfway done with the eleventh Bride's Tree ornament, and I honestly can't wait to be finished with this blue dress! It's super tedious, especially since the "variegated" floss I chose is pretty much just a solid. In fact, I'm running out, so I started blending it - one strand of variegated and one of plain DMC - and there's absolutely no difference in the color. I'll probably end up using straight DMC for a small portion of the dress, and it won't matter. Well, I guess it's a relief in that way!

I'm going to push for a finish on this one over the weekend.

Hmm, I thought I had a photo of the Ship's Manor Beautiful Sea Quaker SAL to show, but I can't find it in my dropbox! Oh well, I'll just have to stitch part three and take a new picture. :) I'll post about it next time!

Also, all the no-buys are still going strong! I even managed to return an item that was rather pricey (and totally not the color advertised!) so it was great to see that refund on my credit card. Of course, the real solution is to not buy in the first place, and that's what I'll be doing.

Or not doing. Whatever. :p


  1. She is lovely but how annoying about the thread. Sometimes they look more variegated on the skein than they stitch up.


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