Monday, September 19, 2016

Wintry Blooms Biscornu - Update #3 (& SAL idea)

Back on track! Thanks for all the kind comments on the last update. My wrists are feeling much better now and I was able to finish up the cross stitching on this piece over the weekend. :)

There's lots of backstitch and specialty stitches to add now, but I'm hoping for a finish by the end of the week! Well, at least a stitching finish... I'll leave it to my wife to assemble this thing! I'm not very good at patiently sewing things together. :)


Also... is anyone out there a Stitch from Stash veteran, or interested in the idea of working with the stash you already have instead of pursuing more? I'm starting to put together a short (maybe half a year?) not-quite-SAL with a focus on stash appreciation and use. :)

It will be more focused on thoughts and reflections rather than reporting on stitching and spending, though that can be included too if the participant chooses! I was thinking something along the lines of having a monthly theme or activity, and participants could also choose a personal goal for the challenge - like going on a no-buy, or setting a budget, or a goal of completing X number of projects before buying anything new, etc. That would be 100% up to you, though!

Here's some possible examples of monthly activities:

January: inventory your stash and post about it (not necessarily what's in your stash, but talk about any hidden gems you uncovered, themes you've noticed in your collection, where your "problem" areas are, etc etc)

February: identify bucket list items in your own stash and (if possible) begin kitting up one or two of those items with materials already in your stash

March: review your wishlist and compare to your inventory, identifying ways to edit the wishlist down to a smaller list (maybe you don't need the exact shade of fabric/silk/bead because you already have something similar in your stash, etc)

And so on. Basically, I'm thinking of organizing a short series of monthly mindfulness exercises that we can all share with each other. There's so much joking about "whoever dies with the biggest stash wins" and stuff like that, and while it's fun to amass a lot of stuff, it can also be wasteful. Supplies are meant to be used and appreciated, not stuffed into a box and forgotten.

I'm super guilty of being like a dragon with a hoard in many areas of my life, primarily stitchy stash and nail polish, and I'm working on being more appreciative of what I already have. I would love to have a few people join in with me! Please let me know if you're interested and I'll start getting these ideas into a more concrete form so we can start in January. :)

to clarify: This SAL does not involve a 'no-buy' or reporting on budgets - participants are free to set their own goals and to shop or not shop as they see fit, to meet those goals. :)


  1. Nice work on the biscornu and I might be up for that SAL. Your ideas sound good so far.

    1. Thank you! If you have any ideas for the SAL, please let me know! :)

  2. Yes yes yes! This sounds right up my street! I have been trying to do something similar without really expressing it in this way.

    That biscornu is going to be gorgeous - and lucky you having an "assembler" in the family!

    1. Thanks Justine! I'll keep working on the ideas and asking for feedback as time goes on - if you have any thoughts, please let me know!

      I know, I'm spoiled... no fussy sewing for me. :)

  3. Beautiful stitching update. I can't wait to see your next instalment.
    Great idea on your SAL! But I won't be joining :) Although I am trying to stitch from stash, once in a blue moon, I always end up buying a few "must have" charts... I am sure you will have several bloggers joining you and have great fun!!

    1. Hi Mii! Sorry that I wasn't clear - this SAL isn't really about not spending (there won't be any budgets etc), but about looking at what you already have and having fun with it. Participants are welcome to set personal goals, and there won't be any 'rules' about what they 'should' be. Snagging a few new charts definitely fits, it's all up to you. :)

  4. I would love to join - I would personally really enjoy the personal reflection and getting to know my stash. I will be retiring in a couple of years - reduced income - so I would really like to know my stash.

  5. Lovely biscornu and your SAL sounds interesting and something I need to participate in.

  6. What a great idea! Stephanie had resurrected the Stitch From Stash idea on Facebook and I have my Gifted Gorgeousness SAL which is all about stitching those stashed items people have sent you but your idea is different enough to be a great additional SAL for me. Count me in :-) I love a blog prompt too, I miss Theme-a-licious.


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