Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Solo September: Ghost Story!

Hihi! I've decided to join in with Justine's Solo September SAL, where you commit to stitching on a single project for an entire month to see just how far you can go! Of course, I'll be working on Ghost Story and aiming for a finish!

Not much progress since the last time I showed her, but there is some, I swear!

I originally thought about working on a new project that I haven't even shown here yet (Wintry Blooms Biscornu by Faby Reilly) but I decided against it. I feel like it kind of goes against the spirit of the challenge to purposely choose something small that will definitely be finished during the month. Then again, Ghost Story will definitely be a finish, as long as I don't slack off. :)

If (when!) I finish Ghost Story, I'll work on the biscornu. And if I finish that too, next up will be Brooke's Books Bride's Tree Ornament #9. But there will be NO switching between projects - they have to be completed in order. :)

Don't forget to sign up if you'd like to participate too! :D


  1. You are so close to have her skirt finished. I truly believe you'll make it this month (honestly i'd think it. would be a pity if you swaped) but the biscornu is stunning :)

  2. No cheating need to get your Ghost Girl finished! She's beautiful.
    I have stitched a Faby Reilly biscornu for an exchange and loved every stitch.
    Thanks for joining us...I'm sure you will have at least one finish this month!

  3. Fantastic you're joining the fun!
    I am sure you will have both Ghost girl and the biscornu finished by the end of Sep :)
    Have fun will your little crosses!

  4. What a beautiful project! Love the design and the fabric is perfect for her.

  5. Looking forward to seeing your progress on this gorgeous design.

  6. I just signed up today. I Love your choice and looking forward to seeing her Finished


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