Friday, August 26, 2016

Ghost Story - Update #6

Back to using my own camera, so unfortunately this isn't a great picture...

I reached the bottom! The purple stitching is the very bottom of her dress, so all that's left (haha) is to fill in the rest between the bottom and the little spur on the very right, which is the farthest point on the right edge of this piece.

So, still lots more to do!


  1. Great progress and definitely not that much anymore :) it's looking amazing and it seems you'll have a finish soon :)

  2. She looks fine! You can see all the details and you are getting closer to a finish too.

  3. Pretty! I really love the fabric you chose for the pattern. It works well with the colors in her dress.

    Good luck with finishing her ;)

  4. Fantastic! You're really plowing through this one.

  5. Excellent progress, and it's always a nice feeling to hit the edge, even if there's a fair bit to go.


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