Monday, August 08, 2016

Ghost Story - Update #3

Nothing special to say today except I made some great progress over the past week!

This is pretty much the entire width of the project now, with that little curl on the right. There's some bits of skirt that extend out a bit farther, but for the most part, this is the full width.

I was actually thinking I didn't do all that much, but comparing to last Monday's picture, I'd say the progress is pretty good, even if it's not my fastest.

I'll keep going with her and post more soon!


  1. How delightfully creepy and yet so picture perfect. Your embroidery is again fantastic and the lady a dream. Even the linen I like very much, it fits perfectly with the atmosphere of the picture.
    Howdy warmly

  2. Great work. It's always nice to reach the edges and confirm that it fits the fabric!
    Love that lacy sleeve.

  3. Congrats she's gorgeous! She's going to look great when she's done :)


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