Tuesday, August 30, 2016

August & September goals

The end of the month is goals time! :)

For August, I said:
- blog about progress once a week - YES
- blah blah Ghost Story progress blah :) - YES
- no craft/stash shopping - NO

Honestly, I goofed and forgot about the "no stash" for August - I focused solely on my new rule for the rest of this year, which was I can only buy things in person. A little surprising and disappointing to get this post ready and realize I'd unintentionally failed, but I'll pick myself up and keep going.

I also had a small slip-up with only buying in person - I did sneak one more piece of Crafty Kitten fabric into my existing order from July that hasn't shipped yet. I know, I know... I was well aware that I was breaking my own rule, but it was a limited edition and blah blah. Just like with my nail polish addiction, I need to STOP looking at cross-stitch releases and limited editions, because that way lies madness. And an empty wallet. And guilt. :(

On the plus side, I have $26.81 in my Paypal account from ebay sales, which I've just withdrawn and set up to transfer to my savings account. :)

So, September goals!
- blog about progress once a week
- blah blah Ghost Story progress blah (possible finish?)
- NO craft/stash shopping
- and a stretch goal: finish Wintry Blooms Biscornu (which I haven't shown here yet, whoops)


Ah, so what did I buy? Cruised over to ABC Stitch on Saturday since they were having a 25% off sale, and picked up mostly wishlist items.

Not pictured because already in use: FQ of lavender Belfast :)

The only impulse buys were the two Just Nan designs - my wife really wanted Spring in the Meadow, and I saw the pin cube in person and... it was adorable, okay? Still, I'm relatively proud of myself for putting back several other impulse items I'd picked up, including another JN that retails for $40. Nope, don't need that, no matter how pretty it is! Also put back the button pack for Spooked since it seems to be optional and LOL $17 FOR A FEW TINY BUTTONS AND BEADS HELL NO.

Anyway, as always, there's that feeling that I shouldn't have gotten anything at all because, believe me, I have PLENTY of stash. I got home, removed the purchased items from my wishlist, and cleaned out some other things too. Slowly learning to be better. :)


  1. Good luck with the goals for the month to come :)
    Don't feel bad about getting some stash! It really is a good stash!! :D Could be classified as a treat for doing so well on your other two goals ;)

  2. Haha! I *barely* avoided the ABC Stitch 25% off sale. I really only have the Victoria Sampler Hearts Across America series, but I'm trusting they'll have more sales for me to get them (I'm trying to no buy as well - and with nailpolish! except for my favorite indie's monthly mystery polish, I can't stop that).

    I love the Hands On Block party - I picked up the Vino block in July and I'm thinking that might be my end of year project where I stuff my orts :D

    Good luck with September's goals! I'm sure you'll finish off Ghost Story as fast as she's been stitching up :)

    1. Now you know I gotta ask which indie it is, haha. (EP, maybe, since you said they're mystery polishes? :3) I recently got sucked into Femme Fatale, and omg some of her polishes are incredible. Actually wearing the August monthly color right now :D

  3. Well done on achieving your goals (the No one doesn't really count does it ;) ) and hey you didn't buy everything you wanted so that's progress (a bit of more stash doesn't hurt, as long as it's less than before ;) )

  4. Well done with the stitchy goals and the stash could have been worse! I looked at a limited edition Just Nan and the RoEx is so bad right now I nearly fell over and dropped the idea very quickly!

  5. Lol well it's the thought that counts right? I love the new stash :). (Not that I'm enabling or anything ;))


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