Tuesday, July 12, 2016

bride's tree ornament #8 finished!

Just a quick post with a little finish! The border on Beaded Dragonfly Tile was getting to me, so I switched over to the next bride's tree ornament to give myself a break. The new ornament was super simple, so it was done in just two days. :)

There are some extra shapes connected to the round pink flowers (the ones with the white lace around the bottom), but I didn't like how it looked, so I left it off. I can always add it later if I want. :D

Back to the dragonflies...

(Oops, did I forget to post my finish of #7 in this series? Oh well, I'll do that next time!)


  1. Wow! Die Stickerei sieht großartig aus. Sehr edel und charmant.
    Liebste Grüße Sandra

  2. It may be a very simple ornie compared to some of the others but it is still very beautiful and delicate.


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