Wednesday, July 20, 2016

bride's tree ornament #7

And here's the seventh Bride's Tree ornament, since I skipped it last time!

I didn't really make any changes, except to leave off the top and bottom rows of the brown at the bottom. Once I finished the part you see, I liked it that way, so I decided I was finished. :)

Plus, to be perfectly honest, I'm a bit paranoid about running out of this replacement brown color, so I'm trying to conserve as much as I can. :)

And a little bit of stashing this month - I needed to get the grey linen to replace the aida in the kit that's pictured, so I picked up the rest of my wishlist while I was at it. My FIL has wanted the kit done for a while, but my wife pretty much never stitches anymore (she's a knitter) so I decided to make it for him. :)

Sorry about the awful pic here, my camera lens must be dirty...

Just a few little things, really. I have a bit of a thing for mistletoe thanks to fandom stuff, and the wreath was just too cute to pass up. Then there's the next part of the Jeannette Douglas "By the Sea" sampler, a DMC Coloris leaflet - I didn't even know DMC had made more variegated colors! - and a couple of skeins of DMC I was missing. Definitely got used up on Mirabilia patterns. :)

I also ordered some fabric from Crafty Kitten for my birthday, and I know my wife ordered a few pieces from Picture This Plus as well... starting to think maybe I need to put a complete stop to fabric stashing, since I can only use so much in one year! But in my defense, this is the only "stashy" fabric I've purchased since my last birthday - everything else has been for specific designs and is already kitted up or used up!

Yeah, yeah, justification, I know. Time to get back to stitching from stash, you know? :)


  1. Nice work on the Bride's Tree Ornie, what's the significance of the fish? Christianity or Food?!
    It's always nice to have new stash and I love that Jeanette Douglas series. I fell in love when I saw it on a blog about the Nashville show.

    1. Hi Jo, good question! I took a peek at the BB site and it looks like the fish is for "Christ's Blessing & Fertility" ...which is kind of funny as we're not religious and both happily childfree! But the sentiment is still nice and I do love the colorful fish! :)

  2. Beautiful needlework. Happy Stitching Alice Margaux

  3. I love the colours in that fish - in fact in all of your Brides Tree ornaments. This is such a sweet series!

    1. Thank you! This fish especially has super nice colors. :D

  4. Lovely job on the ornament :)

  5. The bride's tree ornament is so very pretty, and the motion in the design is really nice. I have a "thing" for fish (I'm an angler), so I could be biased :)

    Your stitching looks fantastic, as always ;)


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