Monday, June 13, 2016

slow and steady

First, I finally finished the fourth Bride's Tree ornament! I used the last of the thread from the original dye lot, then filled in the remaining rows with solid DMC that matches the darkest part of the variegated thread. It's almost an exact match, so it looks pretty good and I'm satisfied with the result.

The design looks deceptively small in the image, but it is dense with stitching and is easily one of the largest, if not the largest, design in this series!

Now I just need to settle on a dark brown thread to use for the remainder of the charts...

I also got a good start on Geranium! Again, the picture isn't an exact color match for the fabric, but if I correct the colors any more than this, the thread colors are all wrong. The fabric isn't blue at all, it's green on a soft yellow background, very pretty in real life. :)

Oh, this is the SMF Raindrop Cashel - thought I'd mention that since I was undecided about the fabric choice in my last post! I'm glad I went with Cashel here as there are a few small areas that are solidly beaded, which is always a struggle on Belfast. Plus, I've been itching to use this fabric for a while!

Next up, more Bride's Tree ornaments and some hardanger SAL work too! I got the borders set up for the next two hardanger pieces, so it's time to do the actual stitching. :)


  1. I love that bride's tree ornament, the vegetables rooting down into the garden with such a cute bunny hopping above them!

  2. The ornament bunny is very, very cute.

    Great progress on Geranium! I hate having to color correct for fabric as well. I just usually give up at some point :)


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