Wednesday, June 22, 2016

more Geranium!

I've put aside the hardanger SAL for a while. Honestly, the number one thing I've learned from it so far is that I don't like embroidery, and I'm not especially fond of wrapping bars either. And the fabric I'm using is a massive cat hair magnet, and I have honestly been enraged by the amount of hair that's been caught in my stitching and wrapped up in my thread. Ugh.

So that's been removed from my WIPs and goals for the year. I have no interest in forcing myself to stitch things that I'm not enjoying - made that mistake too many times in the past, not repeating it again! I'll pick it up again if/when my interest returns. :)

That said, I'm cruising right along on Geranium and I've finished the cross stitching on the top half.

I'm saving the backstitching until the very end, so now I'll just be working on her (massive) skirt and then her legs. I don't think I'll finish this month, but definitely within the next couple of weeks!

I tend to forget how much stitching I can accomplish when I'm having fun and focusing on just one project. I may have to turn the laser focus on something else after this is finished. Well, once I do my Bride's Tree ornament for July...


  1. She's Beautiful. And I totally agree with you about stitching. Just stitch what makes you happy. No frustration!

  2. I may very well even I understand trying not to force me to make work done in which I have no pleasure in the moment. Your beautiful embroidery I enjoyed again. I wish you still a lot of joy when embroidering this beauty.
    Greetings Sandra

  3. Your progress looks lovely.

    Totally agree. Always work on something you want to. Nothing is more frustrating than working on something that is unappealing.

  4. Geranium is gorgeous! I love the colours in her. The Bride's Tree Ornaments are lovely too.

    I think it's important to stitch what you love rather than feel obliged to finish because you started it.

  5. Beautiful progress I love the reds in her skirt

  6. She's beautiful! Great progress :)


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