Sunday, June 05, 2016

May & June goals

I can't believe it's June already... oops! Time for some new goals, then.

First, the goals for May:

- hardanger SAL part 3 - done!
- hardanger SAL part 4 - done!
- hardanger SAL part 5 - wasn't released until late in the month, so not possible!
- finish Bride's Tree Ornament 4 - done! (as much as possible with threads I have)
- finish Bride's Tree Ornament 5 - done! (as much as possible with threads I have)

Here's what I want to accomplish in June:

- finish Bride's Tree Ornament 4
- finish Bride's Tree Ornament 5
- finish Bride's Tree Ornament 6
- hardanger SAL part 5
- hardanger SAL part 6 (if it's released by the 15th)
- start Geranium Pixie

It looks like a ton, but for the three ornaments, I'm mostly done and just need to fill in with the color I had to order, even though it's a completely different dye lot. Or I may end up picking another thread from my stash, but I haven't decided exactly what to do yet. Sigh.

As for Geranium, I've been itching to start her for a while and I just need to decide between two fabrics. Here's the choices:

 SMF Raindrop Cashel.... or Crafty Kitten Buttercup Belfast?

Both are photos of the actual fabrics I have, though neither is perfect in terms of color. I'm kind of partial to the SMF because I've had it for ages and it's super pretty in real life, but the yellow of the CK fabric is really interesting too. Well, maybe my next post will be a fabric reveal. :)


  1. I vote for the Belfast simply because it makes the Fairy pop more.

  2. I love the raindrop. Great job on your goals!

  3. I love the raindrop fabric best.
    What a sweet design!

  4. Lovely design and I think I prefer the Raindrop, the spiral frond bits seem to stand out more than on the yellow.


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