Tuesday, May 17, 2016

various finishes and progress!

First, two small finishes - these are the March and April parts of the hardanger SAL. I'll take individual photos later for the smalls SAL post this month, but this will do for now!

And I'm making some progress on the Bride's Tree ornaments as well. I've done as much I can on #4 (pictured earlier) and #5 (shown below), since I'm still missing the dark brown thread. There's other stitching left on this one, but I don't want to count out that far without the darker part of the nest as a reference, so I'm calling this done for the moment.

I haven't done enough on the next one to show it yet, but I should have some to show soon! It's going to be my focus until the brown thread comes in. :3

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  1. Your March and April are so pretty. I am still on January. I love your brides tree ornaments. I have a WIP waiting for a brown thread too - for the branches.


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