Wednesday, May 04, 2016

planned stash & unplanned finish!

Made a run to the LNS for the thread I ran out of on my Bride's Tree ornaments, but of course it was out of stock and had to be ordered. I wish I'd thought to call first... it's a bit of a drive. Sigh. But I did pick up several charts from my wishlist, and I ordered a couple more things I'd been wanting.

New stash! Just charts this time. :)

Well, actually, I did impulse buy a small Mill Hill ornament kit. I'd seen and liked it in the past but it wasn't something I'd planned to get right away. I guess the frustration of missing out on the thread got to me a bit, but... at least I stitched it up right away instead of letting it linger in my stash?

As always, the colors are a bit off, but it really is a deep pink. It's all backstitching in Kreinik with a load of beads attached, and it will eventually be made into an ornament with a pretty tassel. Some day. When I feel like it. :p

So now it's time to get back on track with this month's goals, which means hardanger SAL since I'm cranky about the missing thread for my Bride's Tree ornaments. Boo.


  1. I'm sorry they didn't have your thread but I love your new charts and your finish!

  2. Great stash haul - hope you get your thread soon.

  3. It wasn't an entirely wasted trip then! Love the new Miras but oh my goodness, that centre chart. Is it one of four? I'm sure it is the one I saw on a blog about Nashville but they didn't note the designer. Love it!!
    The Mill Hill is gorgeous too.

    1. Hi Jo! Yes, it's one of four, and I think this is the first one to be released. Honestly, if I'd realized that it was a series, I wouldn't have purchased it, since each part retails for $14. *sigh* It's a Jeannette Douglas design, so it's lovely, but $14 for a 50x50 chunk of a 100x100 design is kind of ridiculous in my opinion. :/

  4. Great new stash, especially as you have stitched one already! Hopefully your missing thread will arrive soon. :)

  5. Great new finish and awesome stash. sorry about the floss I would be bummed too.

  6. Your bride ornaments look lovel so far.

    I can't wait to see your finish on the Mill Hill piece. It will be a beautiful ornament.

    Nice stash additions! Hopefully you get your thread soon :)

    Have a great week!!


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