Monday, May 30, 2016

May Smalls SAL & a request for help!

I've posted a few other smalls this month, but I have a new one for the SAL post!

Now, you may be thinking that this is NOTHING like what I normally stitch, but there's a story behind this one! This is actually the first cross-stitch piece I ever made.

Or rather... it's the same as the first one I ever made, because that first one has been lost in the hoard known as my dad's house. I've attempted to locate it a few times in the past, but with no success. I only had vague memories of what it looked like, but after some creative searching online, I was able to figure out which line of kits had these cute painted frames. And I definitely remembered the carrots along the top!

It took over a year of waiting, but one finally popped up on eBay, so I stalked and waited then finally pounced to make it mine! $6 is a great price for some quality nostalgia. :p

I'm still convinced that the text on mine said "somebunny loves you" because I distinctly remember being teased about it - someone asked if I was making it for a guy I was friends with back then! (No, I wasn't... this was a random choice from cheap kits at the craft store, that's all!)

It still needs to be framed, but it's all done and I enjoyed the nostalgia trip. :D


I'm also in need of some help! If you've read about my Bride's Tree Ornaments, you may remember that I ran out of the brown thread I needed. When I went to the LNS, that color wasn't in stock, so they had to order it.

Well, my order just came in and the dye lot is so far off, it may as well be a different color!

The darkest portion of the thread is nowhere near as dark as the original, and the entire thread has a more reddish or orange cast. I don't have enough of the original thread to finish the soil in this design, let alone the remainder of the ornaments. I don't mind switching to another color for the other patterns but I really can't switch in the middle of such a large area here. (And frogging all of the brown that's in so far is just NOT going to happen...)

So, does anyone out there have some Crescent Colors cotton thread in Bramble Bush that resembles the original thread? The darkest portion of the thread is very dark, similar to DMC 3031. I would be happy to trade for or buy a full or mostly full skein of thread (or two) if anyone has some they're not using. It would be a dye lot with the original Crescent Colors label, not Classic Colorworks as they're called now.

If you can help, please email me!


  1. I love your small, and the story around it!

    Best of luck on your floss hunt. If you're on Facebook and haven't checked already, you might join Stitch Maynia or Stash Unload and post a query?

  2. I wish I could help but I don't have that color. Good luck!

  3. I haven't got that colour sadly :(
    I personally would unpick as annoying as unpicking can be, it would be the best alternative solution.
    I do hope someone can come to your rescue.

  4. You can't place a value on nostalgia, but you definitely got a bargain. Glad you were able to find it. Sorry I can't help with the floss.

  5. Sorry I can't help either but great progress! Could you do the ornaments in a different color and try to finish off with the new one? It might not be a horrible match once it's stitched.


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