Friday, April 01, 2016

South Seas Mermaid post #8 & goals!

Fun things first! I just finished the skin on South Seas Mermaid, which ended up taking a lot longer than expected. Not because it was difficult - I've stitched projects with a LOT more over-one skin - but because I was massively distracted. By what, you ask?

Don't play this game, it's a life ruiner.
(Just kidding, totally play it, it's amazing!)

But somehow, between farming and hanging out with all the nerds in Pelican Town like it's a full time job, I did manage to finish all of her skin! It only took... eleven days, I think?

Next up is a good wash to fluff up the stitches a bit before beading. Well... maybe a test wash of the corner to make sure the fabric won't lose any color, and then a wash if it's appropriate. I don't think I've tried washing Crafty Kitten fabric before, so I want to be extra careful.

Oh, and goals! I worked on this project exclusively all March, so obviously I didn't meet my goals, but that's okay. My real goal is to have fun stitching, and I definitely managed that!

April goals are:

- finish South Seas Mermaid!
- catch up on the hardanger SAL
- stitch #3 of the Bride's Tree Ornaments
- and a stretch goal, stitch #4 of the Bride's Tree Ornaments

Also farming. Lots and lots of farming...


  1. My crafty kitten fabrics aren't colourfast but they're dark. What is Stardew Valley like? I've been tempted to try it but I'm also tempted by subnautica.

    1. I was able to wash the fabric without losing any color! The water was very clear even after a good ten minute soak, but this is a relatively light color. I'd be afraid to try it with something like Midnight Roses!

      Stardew Valley is incredible! I was never a fan of the old Harvest Moon games so it's weird that I'm so into it. I think it's the characters. Everyone has a really distinct personality and there are some interesting backstories and relationships between people that you can uncover as you get to be closer friends with them. Those stories are a lot more serious and adult-natured (not in the sense of explicit or anything, but heavier stuff than you'd expect to see in a cute game like this), which makes it feel more realistic.

      I believe it has a lot of the same content as Harvest Moon with mines, unlockable areas, and stuff like that, so there's always a lot to do. Lots of crafting, furniture, growing fruit, making specialty foods, raising animals, etc etc. And the days go by fast enough that you totally get sucked into JUST ONE MORE DAY and before you know it, you've been playing for four hours. Whoops. :D

    2. I loved the Harvest Moon games and yes it does have much of the same content.

  2. She looks amazing and you haven't even beaded her yet! I'm glad the washing went well; you must have been so nervous about the fabric for a while! Now, keep off that computer game and get stitching those beads!!! :)

  3. Congrats on surviving the skin! And good that the CK fabric was colorfast. I like to wash projects and having unfast fabric would drive me nuts.

    Erg, I've been debating Stardew Valley too, but I am also a fan of the Harvest Moon games. It's ALWAYS just one more day. Must prep for the festivals. Must make all the recipes. Must flirt with all the people ahaha. :D

  4. Gorgeous!!!

    I better not introduce my sister to that game, she'd be addicted!!

  5. She looks beautiful already!!!

  6. She looks great! And I had to LOL, my SO is addicted to StarDew Valley.

  7. That's the best goal there is - To have fun stitching.

  8. Look at that glorious hair!! Enjoy the beading!


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