Monday, March 07, 2016

South Seas Mermaid post #5

Another weekend, another update! Here's where South Seas Mermaid is now:

I was hoping to have more progress, but we spent a lot of time on other things this weekend, so I didn't stitch for as long as I would have liked. Still, I'm pleased with my progress and with my progress on non-stitchy projects as well! Balance is important, right? :)

I've decided to stitch her skin over one, since she has a lot less skin than other Mira mermaids I've done over one. Whether I regret attempting this on Cashel is yet to be seen... :p

Next goal is to get her fin stitched, then make a start on her skin. Wish me luck! :)


  1. She looks so lovely. Good luck with the over one skin! It does look amazing on her designs.

  2. Good luck with your goal... and the skin! I love the scale-effect on her tail. :)


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