Saturday, February 13, 2016

more Fatum progress (and goals)

First up, a new progress pic on Fatum! I'm showing the previous photo as well so I can stop whining about not making a lot of progress. Zip it, self, you also completed an entire ornament in the time between these two pictures! You've been doing plenty of stitching!

Considering that I've only worked on this for three or four days from one photo to the next, I really shouldn't be complaining at all. :3


I'm starting to think that my stitching goals for the year may be a bit too ambitious. I'm doing well with keeping up with my once-a-month stitching (bride's tree ornaments & the hardanger SAL) but I'm not sure I can reach all the goals I set for my current WIPs if I also include all the new starts I'd intended for the year. I don't expect to finish all those new starts, but I also don't want to overburden myself with too many WIPs at once. Never want to get into the double digits again! :/

I'm not going to start editing my goals just yet, though. Fatum is almost done, and Beaded Dragonfly Tile has a bit more progress now than it did the last time I blogged about it. Not a ton, but I did reach the outermost border and started on the motifs there.

Well, I guess I'll finish up Fatum first and see how I feel about it!


  1. Fatum is looking gorgeous.

    I've cut back on the Smalls this year to concentrate on my WIPS. We just can't stitch it all LOL

  2. She's beautiful and your making great progress. Sometimes we just have to pick and choose what to focus on. I seem to be doing good with smalls this year.

  3. Congrats on all your progress. She is looking beautiful. Can't wait to see her finished :)

    Good luck with your goals. Any stitching time is good stitching time. Don't stress over your goals, just have fun :)

  4. I see beautiful progress! Good luck with your goals:)

  5. You're right that it's too early to worry about your goals yet. You've been doing well so far this year so chill out for a little longer and maybe review them at the end of March or April. Just enjoy your beautiful stitching instead. :)

  6. Fatum is looking great!

    And I like to think of my goals as fluid. I had a huge amount of goals last year, which were reasonable if I had kept up like I was stitching at the end of 2014, but life happened. Now I'm stitching a lot more, but trying not to stress it. I think not joining any obligatory stitching (RRs, SALs) is the best medicine for not stressing goals, and I'm sure you will be happy with any stitching you end up with :)

    1. Thanks Suz! Yeah, I'm trying to learn to RELAX and just have fun with stitching... I know it's about the journey and all, but I also like goals and completing things and blah. Cutting out the SALs and RRs is definitely the best decision for me and I think that will help me chill out a bit and be more flexible.

      ...omg you have a nail blog! Are you still into polish? I just popped on some Fair Maiden and Rainbow Honey today! :D


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