Monday, February 29, 2016

February/March goals! (and South Seas #3!)

Another month, another set of goals!

But first, February's results!

- stitch part two of hardanger SAL - YES
- complete one "page" worth of stitching on Fatum - finished that monster!
- complete the next Bride's Tree ornament - YES
- start South Seas Mermaid! - YESSSS

Here's how my lovely mermaid looks after two weekends (and the week between those weekends, of course) of stitching:

She's an absolute pleasure to work on, and I plan to do much more on her in March. And yes, all those empty spaces are for beads! Between all that and her shiny body, she's going to be really blinged out. Just what I love. :3

March's goals are:

- stitch part three of hardanger SAL
- complete the next Bride's Tree ornament
- finish body & tail of South Seas Mermaid
- visible progress on Beaded Dragonfly Tile

Ten bucks says I'll end up finishing South Seas Mermaid and not touching Dragonfly, though...


  1. Great job at your goals! I hope dragonfly comes out but I understand if she demands all of your attention :)

  2. Well done on surpassing your February goals! Don't fail now by not stitching Dragonfly in March - although I can see why you probably won't want to put her down as she's gorgeous! :)

  3. Your mermaid looks gorgeous! I love all the colours and she is really going to be blingy!


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