Sunday, January 31, 2016

January/February goals!


For January, I said:

- stitch/send Mirabilia RR on time - YES!
- get materials for hardanger SAL (I have no fabric in the right count!) - YES!
- stitch part one of hardanger SAL - YES!
- make visible progress on at least one of my 2016 goal projects - YES!
- no shopping (except for hardanger SAL materials) - no, bought two random small fabric cuts

Well, not too bad. One of the fabrics was a bit of raw Belfast that I needed to stitch another small, and the other was a pretty red that will make a great ornament. Not perfect, but everything works within the budget I've set for the year.

My budget is a bit of a normal budget and a bit of a game. My wife and I are playing together, so we each get $300 for the entire year (or $25/month, same as Stitch from Stash) and can earn extra by selling personal stuff on ebay, exercising, and avoiding snacks. It sounds like a lot, but the money earned gets split between savings and potential spending. Half goes to the savings account, then the remaining half is split again between our craft budgets. It's working pretty well so far!

And for February, I want to...

- stitch part two of hardanger SAL
- complete one "page" worth of stitching on Fatum
- complete the next Bride's Tree ornament
- start South Seas Mermaid!

I've actually finished two "pages" (the bottom left portion inside the border) this month, so next month I'm going to work on the part on the far left, where you can see the beginnings of some black hair and other colors. That will leave me with one big, solidly stitched page, and a little bit of the page to the right of that. 

Still a lot of stitching to do, but I finally feel like finishing this might not be so impossible afer all!


  1. Your progress is looking good.

    I like your 'game' at budgeting. I made a resolution to not buy any new stash until I've made more progress on the WIPS in my stitching stash. So far so good, though there are a lot of tempting patterns out there :)

    Good luck on your goals for February!

    1. Making things into a game always seems to work better for me than YOU MUST BUDGET (or whatever else I need to do). :3

      My other strategy is not looking at online LNS sites... I actually unsubscribed from all newsletters so I'm not being tempted by all the shiny new things. It seems to be working! :D

  2. Your stitching is so beautiful xxx

  3. How exciting to be starting on her hair and face, two pages would be a lot for me in one month.

  4. Love the purples. Great progress!

  5. Great work on your goals and on Fatum too.
    I'm just tracking my spending this year. SFS was so good for making me think twice about what I buy. I think my focus will be fabric and maybe charts which are going OOP!

    1. Oooh, good call on charts that are going OOP, I didn't consider that. Fortunately, everything I have my eye on is still in print. I think...

      Fabric is a BIIIIIG temptation for me and I already have a ton, so I'm trying really hard to stay away from dyer websites. I might indulge a bit with CK fabric for my birthday, though...

  6. It's coming along nicely! Good luck with your goals!


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