Tuesday, January 05, 2016

January progress pics!

Well, since my last post was a bit boring, how about some pictures this time? :)

First up is the Brooke's Books Bride's Tree ornament... though I wonder if I'm just adding "ornament" to this in my own head. This is really too big for an ornament.

Anyway, this is #1 which represents home. Got the house and fence done, but there's quite a bit more to do on the surrounding gardens. These designs make good use of the fabric and fill in almost everything, so even though they're small, there's a lot going on!

Once I got the next (and final!) piece for the Mirabilia RR, I put the house aside to work on that. I'm adding the tail of Siren's Song Mermaid, which is REALLY ORANGE. And orange is my least favorite color. But I wanted to do this one because it seemed kinda cool. :3

I'm really pushing to get this one done as fast as possible so I can get the whole lovely piece back home to its owner. :) 


As far as the whole "using things up" plan, I think it's going well! I ended up taking about a third of my eyeliner collection and putting it aside, and I've started wearing a bit of makeup every day so I can either enjoy it or toss it if it doesn't work for me.

I'm also being mindful of using food that's been hanging out in the fridge too long, and keeping freshly brewed iced tea in there. That huge box of tea in the pantry isn't going to drink itself!


  1. Beautiful projects
    I love them so much xx

  2. Great projects & love that bright orange!! It really pops :)

  3. Great idea on using everything. We always try to do it but doesn't always work. The other day I used leftover onion dip (sour cream and onion soup mix) on my baked potato to finish it. It was really good lol better than I was expecting! Your projects are lovely I don't like orange either but the tail is amazing. I'm about to finish up all of the oranges on my project and do the blues lol I'm excited!

    1. Same here... sometimes there's the forgotten squash in the veggie drawer but just knowing that I've committed to being more mindful makes me stop and look out for that sort of thing more actively. The onion dip sounds great as a potato topping. I usually use yogurt but I'll have to try tossing in some dip seasonings next time!

      I have to admit that the orande pops nicely on the fabric even if it's not my favorite color!

  4. Fantastic stitching on both projects. Best of luck on your plans to use things up.


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