Thursday, January 07, 2016

first finish of the year!

Well, it's a round robin square, but it still counts! This is the tail of Siren's Song Mermaid by Mirabilia, all stitched and beaded! The empty spot in the bottom right is because the border was accidentally left unfinished by the owner, but I wasn't sure which color to use to fix it. :3

And with that, I'm completely done with the round robin! I'll be getting back to my personal goals starting today, probably more Bride's Tree stitching.

Though it would be fun to pick up a Chatelaine again too. Hmm. :)


  1. Congratulations on your first little finish of 2016. Wonder which WIP you'll pull out next. :)

  2. Beautiful! watching your blog makes me want to pick up my stitching again, but seeing as I just got an actual spinning wheel, I kinda need to learn how to use that first.

  3. Congrats it looks great! I would think the darkest color spot would go there. Congrats :)

  4. Wow so beautiful
    Well done dear x

  5. Congratulations on your first Happy Dance of the year. RR blocks totally count, they are as big as most Smalls.
    Love your Bride's Tree ornie from the previous post too.

  6. Wow! So much orange. I think I'd lose my mind stitching all that color.

    It looks like it will be a beautiful piece when it's finished.


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