Thursday, December 31, 2015

December/January goals!

Here's how it went in December!

- stitch/send Mirabilia RR on time - done! (and the next one arrived!)
- stitch MH butterfly kit - done!
- finish leaves in Fatum border - done!
- plan & post about 2016 stitching! - done!

Worked out nicely since I went light on the goals. I spent most of the month writing and working on other projects, plus I got sucked into the game my wife got me for Christmas. :3

For January...

- stitch/send Mirabilia RR on time
- get materials for hardanger SAL (I have no fabric in the right count!)
- stitch part one of hardanger SAL
- make visible progress on at least one of my 2016 goal projects
- no shopping (except for hardanger SAL materials)

There. Not too crazy, and that gives me a lot of flexibility to work on something new if I want, or to carry on with an older WIP. I'm still waiting on fabric for two of my planned new starts, but I can start the others any time! In fact, I've already started the bride's tree ornaments... I should probably post a pic but I'll do that later. :3


  1. Good luck with your goals dear
    Happy new year x

  2. Good luck with your goals!
    Happy new year!

  3. Good luck with your goals! Which game did you get? I got hubby Star Wars battlefront but he hasn't started playing it yet. I may have to just start playing for him lol

  4. Good luck with your goals this month ;)

    I always wanted to try hardanger, but it's seems to be so intimidating, at least to me anyway.


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