Monday, December 14, 2015

2016 stitching plans

Ahhh, the year is almost over! You know what that means? Time to plan next year's stitching! And also to totally ignore the plans I made for 2015 because I didn't follow through on them, haha. Don't worry, 2016 will be a little different. :)


First up, plans for my current WIPs, in order of priority instead of alphabetical.

- Fatum (Passione Ricamo) ~ goal: finish in 2016!
- Beaded Dragonfly Tile (Chatelaine) ~ goal: finish in 2016!
- Night (Wentzler) ~ goal: finish 1/4 of the design in 2016
- Chinese Garden Mandala (Chatelaine) ~ goal: finish parts 1-6ish (all gates) in 2016
- Transcendence - Sessler (HAED) ~ goal: finish pages 8 & 9 in 2016
- Air ACEO - Butcher (HAED) ~ banished to UFO land for now


Next, general thoughts about 2016 stitching, aka a list of what NOT to do:

- No new round robins. They're fun, but I get frustrated about the lack of progress on my personal stitching. Next year, I'm stitching for me!
- No joining groups or SALs unless it's something I was gonna do anyway. I'm always SUPER PUMPED to join a SAL, then I fizzle out quickly and get annoyed about being obligated to do something like post a monthly update. Instead, I will admire SALs from afar. :p
- No mystery designs. Again, I get pumped about a group thing, then end up hating the design. :(

Basically, I'm going to avoid committing to any sort of group activity unless I'm 100% sure that it's something I want to do and can participate in cheerfully for the duration. Not just for myself, but I don't want to be That Person who brings a group down by being blah.


New starts for 2016!

Brooke's Books - Bride's Tree Ornaments

Veronique Enginger - Etude aux Fraises

Mirabilia - South Seas Mermaid
(informal SAL with Mel of Epic Stitching!)

Tournicoton - Jardin de Feuilles

I've also joined the Round in Circles SAL by Mabel Figworthy, because I've wanted to learn hardanger for years and never got up the guts to try it on my own. Yeah, it's a SAL, but it's really just a monthly pattern and skill to learn, and this is something I genuinely want to do!

Oops, I forgot one of my new starts! I remembered when it showed up in my mailbox yesterday evening, haha...

Rosewood Manor - Summer Quakers
(not my usual style but I saw a WIP and fell in love!)


And that's it for plans! I'm not going to overload myself with unattainable goals next year. 

Instead, I'll use the remaining time to make more progress on WIPs that aren't slated for finishing, or start other projects that catch my eye. There are plenty of other small kits and charts in my stash that could use some love, and my bucket list isn't getting any shorter! (Well, maybe a little, since I removed a few things that no longer sparked as much interest as they did originally...)


  1. I'm taking part in Mabel's SAL too, I took part in the first one. I managed to do January but made a massive mistake in February unpicked it but didn't go back. I should at one point :P

  2. Good luck for those goals in 2016...some wonderful designs there! I love the Veronique Enginger design....she's a fabulous designer.

  3. I like the way you think(and plan)! Your goals for next year seen doable (for you :)), and you've chosen lovely new designs. I'm looking forward to seeing them take shape.

  4. Hurray - the first of the 2016 plan posts is up! I love reading about everyone else's plans for 2016 and am excited about my own too.
    I love the Veronique Enginger design. You have some great choices for next year and I look forward to watching you stitch them.

  5. These seem very attainable. Good luck!

  6. Wow that is super organised! I agree with you, I'm not joining in anymore SALs in 2016 unless it's working on a current wip. No new start SAL's at all. I'll be strong with you on this front. Good luck with it, the goals sound completely attainable so I have every faith in you, and will cheer you on
    xo Alicia

  7. Love the Bride's Ornaments. You've made some good plans, I hope you stick to them!
    I'm also avoiding SALs except for the ones where my existing stitching fits in, like the WIPocalypse and my own Gifted Gorgeousness,


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