Friday, November 13, 2015

time for the best part - beads!

Awwww yeah. This is my favorite stage of every project. Stitching is done and looking gorgeous, and it only gets better from here because it's bead time!

Now I just have to find my bead pack... oh, wow, it was exactly where I thought it was!

Time to bead...


  1. She looks fantastic and the beads will definitely bring her to life. Very much looking forward to your next update... :)

  2. I agree...she's gorgeous and the beads will make her even more incredible! Looking forward to seeing her in all her beaded glory.

  3. Wunderschön! Einfach fantastisch, die Perlen werden sie noch eleganter machen (wenn das überhaupt geht). Sie ist perfekt!
    Liebe Grüße Sandra

  4. She looks beautiful. I really enjoy the beading process too, as long as I have time to spread out my bead pots and concentrate!

  5. Wow she looks already great without the beads
    Cant wait to see her shine
    Wish you a lovely weekend

  6. She looks beautiful already! Have fun with the beads :)


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