Thursday, November 26, 2015

giveaway update!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Please be sure to enter my little giveaway if you are interested! I also have a small note to add regarding eligibility for the giveaway:

*** NOTE: A follower is defined as a Blogger user who shows up under the "followers" section of my sidebar. I apologize for any confusion but this giveaway is intended for active Blogger users only. If you are following via G+, please follow through Blogger as well. ***

I'm sorry if that's confusing or seems like I'm excluding anyone, but since I don't use G+, the giveaway was always intended for the active stitching community that uses Blogger, like me.

The only reason my posts appear on G+ is because they are automatically cross-posted and there is no way for me to turn that off. I generally delete my posts from G+ immediately after making them here, but I have forgotten and left some up for a while before getting around to deleting them. I assume that's how I've picked up a few "followers" from G+ who are not part of the Blogger system. However, I am limiting the giveaway to the definition of "follower" that was intended when I made the post - Blogger followers who appear in the sidebar.

At the moment, I do not have any entries from Blogger followers, so I will extend the giveaway deadline until December 6, with the announcement of the winner on December 7.

And of course I'd like to invite the two G+ users who have already entered to follow through Blogger as well! :) I see that one of you already has a blog, so it should be as simple as clicking the "join this site" button to "officially" follow my blog. :3

Sorry for the confusion and I will be sure to specify this next time! This wasn't an issue the last time I held a giveaway so I had no idea this was even a possibility. But now I know so I'll be more careful in the future. :)

Thanks for reading all that! I do have another finish to post but right now I have to go eat some pie!

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