Thursday, October 01, 2015

September/October goals!

New month, new goals!

First up, September's goals were:

- stitch/send Mirabilia RR on time - saving it for October :p
- finish Cherry Blossoms Biscornu - YES
- finish part 5 or 7 of Fatum - completed metallic border so GOOD ENOUGH
- finalize bottom border of Fatum - YES, and stitched most of it too!
- sell enough personal goodies to buy the Mira charts on my wishlist - YES

And new goals for October:

- stitch/send Mirabilia RR on time
- finish Jardin Prive freebie trees
- start a new Mirabilia!
- finish leaves in Fatum border
- visible progress on main portion of Fatum
- visible progress on Beaded Dragonfly Tile

Since specifying which part to stitch doesn't really work for me, I'm just going with the old "visible progress" method here. That way I can skip around and do what seems logical instead of trying to stick to a particular portion of a project.

And so this isn't a boring post with no pictures, here's my start on the final tree!

It should be easier than the others since the branches are covered in snow instead of leaves. I've stitched leaves in the wrong place so many times on these little charts! That's what I get for watching TV while stitching, I guess. :p

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