Sunday, October 04, 2015

finished trees!

These pictures are terrible, but since I already put the fabric away, this is all I have to show. :p

Not sure how I want to finish them... considering a four-sided spinning frame, except something like that is about $50, which is waaaaay out of my budget. Especially for finishing freebies!

Mira RR up next, I think...


  1. Congratulations! They all look fabulous especially, as I've said before, on those beautiful coordinating fabrics. Now to see your Mirabilia come out to play! :)

  2. This little tree series looks absolutely great, particularly on the different fabrics.

  3. The trees all look fantastic and get to the different fabrics super advantage. A great job .
    Greetings Sandra

  4. Oh, these are lovely! Hope you find a way to finish that pleases you. Could you make a cube to replicate the spinning frame?

  5. Congrats they look great! Winter is definitely my favorite. You could always finish them as a cube that you just turn to the current season.

  6. What a beautiful and fast finish
    I love allso the idea of a cube
    Look forward to see what you made it into
    Greetings from Holland

  7. I vote cube too! These are such lovely little designs.


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