Thursday, October 15, 2015

enabling post! :p

I was browsing on FB earlier and I saw a finished project posted by the actual designer - someone new to me, Shannon Christine Designs - and it was so lovely I had to go buy it right away! Even better, it was a set of four designs sold as one pack! (Well... it's actually one big design but they are very easily stitched as four smalls!)

Here's what it looks like:

And here's where to buy it!
Romance in Paris by Shannon Christine Designs - at Creative Poppy

There's also an Etsy store with more things that aren't on Creative Poppy:
Etsy shop!

If you haven't used Creative Poppy before, you can use the coupon code 4DOLLARS to get $4 off your first order, which is how I was able to get these pretties for $6. Even if the coupon doesn't work for you, $10 for four cute patterns is a great price!

This designer has more cute things too and I look forward to picking up more when my budget has a little more wiggle room. The end of the year is terrible for my family... all our annual bills are due around this time since this is the time of year we bought our house. Blah!

Yeah, I know I sound like an ad, but I'm genuinely excited and wanted to share! Plus I figure a new designer needs support. :3


  1. They're so cute!!! I'd go buy them right now but I have a hobby convention this weekend and will be splurging there. Definitely sticking it in my bookmarks though!


  2. A great design , the designer is also absolutely unknown to me . Thanks for the tip .
    Greetings Sandra

  3. She's been in a few cross stitch magazines in the UK :)

  4. I think she's more we'll known in the UK because she's been in our magazines. She does some lovely gingerbread designs. I think she actually kick started the current craze for that theme.


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