Monday, September 28, 2015

summer and friends!

Wow, switching over to something small and easy was just what I needed to get my stitchy bug back! I've already finished two of the trees and I've completed the trunk of the third.

Left to right: Summer, Autumn, and Spring.

And a couple of closeup shots:

The trunk is a bit tedious to stitch since it's exactly the same on all four trees, but I've been doing that part first so I can spend the rest of the time working on the fun elements like leaves, flowers, animals, etc, without interruption. These are great TV stitching, too!

Depending on how this week goes, my next post may be a finish of all four trees! :)


  1. Your seasons trees are very pretty . I like it very much 'm curious how you'll handle it when there are four all together .
    Greetings Sandra

  2. Those trees are so gorgeous and I love the different fabrics you have chosen for each season. Good luck with stitching the rest. :)


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