Wednesday, September 09, 2015

finished biscornu!

I'm so glad my wife likes assembling annoying things like this, because if it was up to me, this would forever be two identically stitched squares.

A friend gave me the chart for the matching fob for my birthday, so I'll probably make that soon. Unfortunately I didn't think to keep the leftover floss from this one, and it uses all the same colors. Oh well, it's mostly plain DMC so it's not a big deal, and I'd prefer not to use perle thread for the eyelets anyway.

Would anyone be interested in the used chart for this biscornu? It would be the chart and instructions ONLY - I'm keeping the leftover beads for the fob.

If you'd like the chart, please comment to say you're claiming it (so everyone knows it's already taken) and send your mailing address to rahenna(at) US addresses only, please, I can't afford international postage at this time.


  1. Beautiful biscornu and how great that you'll have the matching fob! I'm not claiming it but whoever does will surely enjoy it~ :D

  2. Cute! I'm not claiming it but it is beautiful!

  3. Beautiful work! I'm not claiming it either but it's lovely.

  4. I love your biscornu and have allready 2 on my bucketlist
    So one day i will try to make one allso :)
    Greetings from Holland

  5. I'd like the biscornu chart. I love them.


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